Educational Clinics from our sponsors…

We’re delighted to bring our Global Good Community the opportunity to have a free 1-2-1 ‘educational’ session with our sponsors. These sessions won’t be hard sales pitches, but informative advice and support on their specialist topic. Please view the list of opportunities below, and email me, Karen Sutton for an introduction.

Communications for Good Clinic

Barley Communications

Barley shares the GGAs focus on rewarding organisations that are delivering positive impact on environmental and social sustainability. So, as part of their ongoing sponsorship work Barley is offering Global Good Awards entrants and Purpose Summit attendees access to a free 30 minute Comms Clinic. The session will take place with Barley’s senior communications experts and will include a confidential sounding board and advice to help organisations navigate their communications challenges. Their team of experienced communications professionals can help on any of the below disciplines:

Strategy and planning, Brand development, Media relations, Campaign design, Digital strategy, Social media management, Content development, Copywriting and proofing, Influencer engagement, Events, Stakeholder engagement, Issue management.

Eligibility: Over 10 staff, with UK location(s) in any industry sector.

How purpose can unlock sustainable action

Louisa Harris, Head of Sustainability & Systems change, Brandpie

We believe purpose has the power to engage, inspire and activate the individuals in organisations to deliver positive impact.  Louisa is a tutor in Sustainable Business Management at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership. In our 30 minute clinics you can talk to Louisa about how purpose can help you to set a bold sustainable ambition and develop leadership, engagement and co-creation programmes that unlock action. We will also share our tailored purpose persona tool with you.

Eligibility: Any large enterprise, in the UK or North America (USA/Canada) in any industry sector.

ESG Data Capture and Reporting Software

David Picton, Senior Vice-President of ESG at EcoOnline

Working on ESG data visibility and reporting with customers across multiple sectors and organisations, David is a former Chief Sustainability Officer, and you can talk to him about ESG measurement, data capture, reporting or other aspects of your sustainability objectives and programme.

Eligibility: Mainly UK or Europe, ideally enterprises or mid-market, across most industry sectors.

Navigate the measuring and reducing of your carbon emissions

The Planet Mark

Planet Mark’s virtual Carbon Clinics offer guidance on how to take the next steps in your organisation’s sustainability, carbon measurement and reduction plan. No matter where you’re at in your journey, from setting a credible net zero target, to developing the strategy needed to get there, these 30-minute sessions offer tailored, practical solutions to businesses across all sectors. Planet Mark’s sustainability experts will help you navigate measuring and reducing carbon emissions, to ensure your sustainability efforts are authentic and robust, and ultimately improve business performance.

Eligibility: Over 50 staff, with ideally a presence in the UK (but not essential) in any industry sector.

Planet Mark are also offering the GGA and Purpose Summit community the opportunity to join their CPD-accredited Net Zero Carbon Essentials Workshops, at 50% off, designed to provide you with a clear grasp of net zero carbon and how to get there.

Reducing the environmental impact of your website

Ben Clifford, erjjio studios

A free 30 minute website health check and strategy clinic, where we analyse your website using a variety of tools and offer our expert feedback on possible areas for improvement. We’ll cover a holistic range of factors such as the site’s carbon emissions score and use of renewable energy, marketing copy and lead generation, privacy and security, mobile responsiveness and overall design. No baffling lingo or overwhelming detail – just simple, clear advice.

Eligibility: Service businesses in the UK, between 5-100 staff in any industry sector.

Improving inclusion, retention and career success via digital mentoring platform

William Akerman, Founder and MD of Connectr

William will share insights from existing clients who’ve harnessed the power of a digital the mentoring platform to firstly reduce drop-out rates through the recruitment process, and then drive career progression for whole workforce. Connectr uses technology to engender a sense of ‘belonging’, harnessing the experience and expertise within an existing workforce, to support career success across the whole business. Delivering cost savings, and greater diversity and inclusion.

Eligibility: Any large employers, globally in any industry sector.

Demonstrate your impact and boost your engagement by training your people to take better pictures…using their phones!

Jonathan Perugia, Gaia Visual

In this 30 minute clinic you will learn simple, effective tips that you can implement immediately to improve your photography of Events, Portraits and Case studies

Improve your Composition, Timing, Shot Selection, Storytelling… And have fun doing it!

Jonathan is director of Gaia Visual and is a photographer and facilitator with over 30 years’ experience helping organisations tell compelling visual stories about their impact and mission. Happy clients range from UN organisations and global brands to local Hackney-based charities and social enterprises.

Eligibility: Over 10 staff, with UK and overseas locations in any industry sector.

Dos and Don’ts of Award Writing

Webinar: Date TBC

After eight years of running the Global Good Awards, I am going to draw on my experience of questions, challenges, comments from judges and all the other factors that contribute to a successful or unsuccessful application and deliver an educational webinar on the ‘Dos and Don’ts of Award Writing’.

We’ll be covering some real, but anonymous examples of classic entrant mistakes, judges comments and missed opportunities to score higher.

To book in for any of these sessions, please first email Karen Sutton