2023 Finalists

Congratulations all those who made the finals for the 2023 Global Good Awards!

Our 2023 winners were revealed in a free virtual ceremony on YouTube, which you can watch again below but the main event will be The Purpose Summit.

In a bid to deliver more purposeful impact at our celebratory events, we decided to replace our traditional awards ceremony with something rather more ambitious – and relevant to today’s business challenges. The event is designed for all businesses, NGOs, charities and local authorities (not just entrants) and it’ll be a day of insight, advice and bright ideasFind out more here.

The Summit will be followed by an invitation-only ‘Winners’ Dinner’ for winners, judges and sponsors with a drinks reception, trophy presentation on stage and keynote speaker.

Global Good Company of the Year

Sponsored by EcoOnline

The global EY organization is committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to aligning strategy and operations with the UNGC Ten Principles. Through the EY Ripples program, since 2018, EY people are devoting their time to SDG-focused projects, in pursuit of one shared vision: to positively impact one billion lives by 2030. At the same time, across the global EY organization, we continue to challenge ourselves to embed responsibility, inclusiveness and sustainability more deeply in everything we do. This includes through global commitments to upholding and promoting human rights, and to innovating toward a net zero future.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is non-negotiable today. But at Infosys we also see ESG as an opportunity to 1) save more, so we can share more; 2) include more people, so we can do better together and proactively move us all forward; and 3) position us – and generations to come – for sustained growth and development. Since our inception, we have been committed to advancing our purpose in everything we do – to amplify human potential and create the next opportunity for people, businesses, and communities. That commitment continues today and will continue into the future.

OVO is on a mission through its sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, to tackle the most important issue of our time; the climate crisis. OVO Energy aims to be a net zero carbon business and achieve bold science-based carbon reduction targets by 2035, while helping customers reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. OVO are using emerging innovative technologies to focus on decarbonising their customers’ homes via the electrification of their heating systems and transport. Through OVO’s empathic internal initiatives, they’re creating the leading place to work in the UK; putting people and the planet first.

The global impact of more people living longer will be felt environmentally, societally and financially. As the UK’s largest lifetime savings/pensions business, Phoenix Group is using its power and responsibility to drive the positive change needed to overcome this growing issue.

Harnessing research/collaboration with academics/charities/industry bodies its ESG strategy is tackling the biggest longevity-related challenges, whilst delivering on its purpose to ‘help people secure a life of possibilities’. This includes £1bn investment in sustainable assets/projects, engaging people in better financial futures (e.g. financial education), developing a diverse/inclusive workplace, embedding ESG into its supply chain and providing 5k+ volunteering hours.

Global Good SME of the Year

As a business originally founded as a ski chalet company, within an industry that paradoxically contributes to the issues that threaten the mountain environment it depends on, we have needed to completely re-imagine our business model in-line with our social and environmental goals.

Ensuring our customers and employees move with us, whilst working with stakeholders and industry bodies to promote solidarity and mobilize change across the industry is a huge and vital part of this transition.

No longer solely a ski company, we now offer year-round, low-impact mountain holidays, which are carbon and waste neutral (and completely zero food waste).

2022 has seen Delphis Eco lead the way, continuing to disrupt the status-quo and trailblaze across the industry. In 2022 Delphis saved 565 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, adopted packaging across its product range made from 1,530,304 recycled one-pint milk bottles, and removed 35 tonnes of plastic from the standard recycling loop. Winning the Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development 2022, Delphis Eco also launched its new range of 2-litre refills into the domestic market. Each 2-litre refill fills the Delphis Eco’ 700ml bottle up to 6 times – one of the most concentrated offerings on the market.

Tackling economic inequality and poverty is at the heart of the Q5 Foundation which we established early in 2010 to structure our charitable work.

Through this we have built many enduring relationships and provided both financial and pro-bono assistance to many charitable organisations. We assist charities that support vulnerable people entering the workforce; start business initiatives and provide consulting services free of charge in the Third Sector.

The foundation provides a vehicle for us to extend our reach, contribution, and influence beyond our core consulting business, develop our people and deliver meaningful impact to the communities around us.

Uncommon is a flexible office provider on a mission to drive a positive impact on our environment and society. 2022 was a transformative year for everyone at Uncommon; we released our ESG Strategy where we committed to highly ambitious, market-leading climate action and social targets. As a result of Uncommon’s highly engaged sustainably and people focused culture, we got accredited by Investors in People, we gained Carbon Neutrality status and are awaiting our B Corp status! All of this is down to our Team who is the engine behind all the initiatives and achievements.

Tilt is a creative agency who craft powerful digital experiences that make a positive impact on people and planet.

For 13 years we’ve delivered world-class, purpose-led projects. Whether helping to reduce international drink-driving rates, or explaining the science of love, we do work that matters and moves people – for clients from Deloitte and Diageo, to BBC and Open University.

We entered SME of the year as a small team who make big impact. From creating lasting behaviour and cultural change for clients, to B-Corp Certification and the coffee we drink, we’re committed to use business as a force for good.

Individual Leader of the Year

A passionate environmentalist, philanthropist, and innovator, Mark Jankovich is 100% purpose driven. After stepping off the corporate banking wheel, he founded the British-made, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning brand, Delphis Eco, which has been subsequently bestowed with two Royal warrants, further winning a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2022.
Mark has taken over the financial support of CISL Masters’ Scholarship from the RWHA and 2022 has seen him commission and sponsor an App for COP27 and Davos (WEF). Mark gives his time to work with Bath University MBA Students to help them with their dissertations on recycling plastic.

Fiona Jeffery founded Just a Drop almost 25 years ago. In that time, she has raised over £4 million and reached over 1.9 million in 32 countries with life-changing access to safe water, improved hygiene and better sanitation. More than that, she has inspired the travel and tourism industry to become a force for good and work towards becoming sustainable – where such sustainability is at the heart of Just a Drop’s operations. Fiona is the embodiment of giving something back.

Dominic Ponniah’s success can be measured in figures – he has grown Cleanology from one cleaner to a national commercial cleaning business with 1,400 employees. However, Dominic Ponniah is an ambitious leader – he doesn’t just want to develop a financially secure business; he plans to build a legacy. Cleanology was the first in Europe to introduce portion-controlled, biological cleaning sachets. By using the sachets, it saves 46,800 litres of cleaning solution and a staggering 62,400 bottles every year. Fair pay is one of his core values, in 2023, Cleanology will become a 100% Real Living Wage employer too.

Ed is a pioneer with a passion to protect the ocean. Give him 5 minutes to talk about sustainability and you’ll spend one of the most interesting and educational hours of your life! He has spent 4 years turning a side project into a business with a remarkable platform that reaches every corner of the golf world. He is influencing change at every level of the industry and leads from the front. Every business decision has impact and purpose at its heart. His creative solutions challenge conventional thinking and are now proven to be commercially successful. He is truly inspirational.

Since becoming Global Sustainability Director in 2020, Preeti Srivastav has transformed Asahi Europe & International’s approach to sustainability by building on existing projects and initiatives, including our Legacy 2030 program, and galvanizing the company’s 10,000 employees to harness their talent, innovation and passion to improve our sustainability performance.

While collaborating internally to ensure that sustainability runs through the core of our strategy and every decision made, Preeti also works alongside governments, NGOs, academic institutions and third parties to promote sustainability, securing AEI’s status as a sustainable leader on the world stage in both our industry and the economy at large.

Canon Young Champion of the Year

Sponsored by Canon EMEA

Igovote is a mobile application designed to revolutionize the electoral process in Nigeria. Our platform provides a simple and user-friendly way for citizens to access critical information about candidates, monitor elections, report electoral malpractices, and provide real-time feedback to electoral officials. With our features, citizens can also track the performance of their elected representatives and hold them accountable for their campaign promises. Through Igovote, we are empowering Nigerians and citizens arounf the world eventually to actively participate in their democracy and promote good governance.

Victórya, 19, has developed different science and social entrepreneurship projects to ensure the application of the SDGs in the Global South, especially in her country. She started with an App that connects 50 thrift stores to thousands of consumers in Brazil, combating the impact of fast-fashion and boosting the local economy. Victórya also developed a Mathematical Equation to explain the behavior of young Brazilians in Circular Economy to understand how to transform them efficiently. With this mathematical answer, she developed a Board and Mobile App Game based on Education for Sustainable Development that has already impacted more than 1,300 younger.

Teach the Teacher is a global, student-led campaign to embed effective, informative, and well-integrated climate education into schools. It provides training, resources and support for young people, empowering them to deliver climate education training to their own teachers.

The campaign was founded and led by young people in full-time education in 2021. Since then, over 90 students in 28 countries worldwide have participated, including a session in collaboration with the UK Department for Education at COP26. From these sessions, 68% of teachers who engaged said they would make changes to what they teach as a result of the training.

HER (Health. Equity. Respect.) is feminine health non-profit organization providing period products, education, healthcare, and employment to underserved women. We have distributed over 10,000 reusable and FDA-approved sugarcane fiber pads to women in 5 countries, supported by partnerships with 30+ schools and NGOs. Our sugarcane fiber pads are made from upcycled sugarcane bagasse, a sugar industry waste by-product. We employ former inmates to sew reusable pads to help them earn extra income. Our fundraising and advocacy campaigns have reached more than 12,000 people. HER has been recognized by the Diana Award, Women of the Future Awards, and UN Women.

I am an animal rights activist and environmental warrior, and the leading youth voice on environmental issues in Spain. My campaign, #noespaisparadelfines, with over 155,000 signatures on Change.org, asks the Spanish government for the scheduled closure of all dolphinariums in Spain and the end to cetaceans in captivity. At age 12 I created the “Jelly Cleaner” to clean microplastics from the oceans. I am an EU Ambassador for Climate Change, Marine Ambassador for World Animal Protection, Jane Goodall Institute award-winner, 2x TEDx speaker, and a National Geographic Storyteller. My first book on climate change will be published in Fall 2023.

Raheen Fatima, a 15-year-old trailblazer, is an inspiring activist and Podcaster who has educated over 5000 young minds through her theater plays on child abuse and gender equality. Amid the pandemic, she leveraged technology to teach English to students from 20+ countries. She firmly believes that interfaith, intercultural, international dialogue can pave the way for global peace and the achievement of SDGs. To achieve this, she has conducted over 500 online and in-person sessions on topics including climate change, education, and peace. Raheen has inspired action and motivated 23,000 followers worldwide to join her in creating a positive impact.

Art Ki Pathshala, led by Gauri Gupta, is an outstanding philanthropic project highlighting her visionary leadership and social consciousness. Gauri’s commitment to providing art education to underprivileged students is exemplary. She overcame bureaucratic challenges and collaborated with educators, students, and parents to seamlessly integrate the program into the school curriculum. Her problem-solving skills and dedication to serving the community are evident in her successful fundraising, outreach, and advocacy efforts. Art Ki Pathshala is proof of Gauri’s altruism, vision, and determination to make a positive impact on society.

12-Year-old dedicates half of his life to providing survival supplies to the unhoused homeless population in an innovative way. Ethan Hill took notice of a homeless gentleman when he was 6 years old. He used his own money to purchase supplies for him and each year after his efforts grew to assist those that are unhoused to survive life on the streets. He created the first of it’s kind Ethan’s Heart Free Mobile Store and Educational Unit which is a fully customized trailer that is a mobile store where individuals shop free of charge for the supplies that they need.

Book-o-phile free library project is a community-driven initiative that aim to provide access to books and other reading material to individuals who may not have access to traditional libraries. This project involves buildings small libraries typically in public space, that are stocked with book donated by the community members. The library is often designed to be weather resistant and is maintained by volunteers. Book-o-phile library project has many benefits for the community, including promoting literacy, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging a culture of sharing and community involvement.

Kushal is a 2timesTEDx Speaker who has redefined Education by not only teaching students but by enabling teachers to educate 1000s of students online, creating a ripple effect. His innovative ideas in education have earned him many accolades. He is a trainer at a teacher’s training institute, an instructor at a STEM academy, and a research intern at a sustainable development organization. Kushal is also the founder of an animal welfare organization, the author of three books, and has completed more than 100 certificates, which he shares on his YouTube channel. His company, 3DR Noble, makes products from recycled plastic.

Canon Young People Programme – Partner of the Year

Sponsored by Canon EMEA

Lens on Life Project opened their first media lab in Goma in 2018 along with a local NGO-and Camme RDC. The lab, powered by renewable energy, offers equipment for media production and computer terminals with internet connectivity for research and publishing. Canon Central & North Africa partnered with Lens on Life for the YPP program in 2021 and 2022. In 2022, Lens on Life added a photography studio with modern equipment on a new floor of the media lab. The alumni have access to paid field-based internships through Lens on Life’s partner Eastern Congo Initiative to kick-start their photography careers.

As part of Canon’s YPP, we have organized various photography courses for young people in the Oulu area. During 2022 courses the climate change was chosen as the main theme of our courses. During the workshop, young people learned the basics of photography, effective means of photo storytelling and the role of photography as a means of communication. The courses were hold in two different schools, about 40 teens joined the classes. After the course, each participant selected portrait of herself and best photo, to participate local exhibitions.

Canon EMEA & Axelle de Russé : I accompanied 24 young people aged 12 to 18 years old in the framework of the Canon Young People Programme. Thanks to the loan of 12 cameras by Canon, I accompanied the young people in order to create an exhibition on equality between men and women. This exhibition was displayed for two weeks in the city of Saint-Ouen.

Our fundamental purpose was to engage younger audiences and raise awareness of how Canon ‘Inspires a World of Change’ for the ‘future of the people’, empowering them to talk about the issues that affect them. Thanks to our educational partner (Manos Unidas) and our Canon ambassador Jaime de Diego, we conducted 3 face-to-face 5-day workshops and an online session, reaching a total of 158 students and participated with 29 stories of change. Some of the impact stories presented by the students focused on important issues such as gender-based violence, climate change, plastic in the seas and responsible consumption, among others. The stories were published on our Canon Spain SSMM and on our local YPP Instagram profile (@ypp_spain) in order to amplify their messages and make the future brighter for us all.

15 Jordanians and 15 refugee students between the age of 12 and 18 years with gender balance and diversity took part of Canon’s YPP 6-week programme, which included two-day theoretical masterclass followed by the students having the opportunity to go on a field trip to various locations including Al-Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife in Jerash and Refugee Camp to attain first-hand practical experience on visual storytelling.

This programme gave Refugee students the opportunity to leave the camp and explore the UNSDG topics outside their common lifestyle which provided them with additional knowledge and motivation to proceed further with their education.

Ukraine Crisis Champions

Alight is a global humanitarian organization that works with more than 4 million displaced people in over 20 countries. Over the past year, Alight has supported those displaced by the war in Ukraine through our Alight Guides program. While traditional humanitarian relief offers a one-size-fits-all approach to emergency response, Alight Guides provides a human-centered response to crisis. Based on the insight that displaced people need guides to support their entire journey, Alight Guides connect families to housing, employment, sponsorship and other services. Alight Guides provide assistance, but also offer hope and kindness as families navigate their new reality.

When war broke out in Ukraine, LUX MED, Bupa’s private healthcare business in Poland, was swift to act. Within 24 hours, all of LUX MED’s healthcare facilities across Poland were providing refugees with both emergency and ongoing medical care – all free of charge. Since February 2022, LUX MED has provided 360,000 separate health interventions to 201,000 refugees and employed 240 healthcare workers. Bupa Group and LUX MED are committed to providing free medical support to Ukrainian refugees for as long as needed and will continue to support Ukrainian medical professionals into working careers across Poland and the Bupa network.

EPAM began our ESG program as part of our mission to advocate for our employees and the world at large. While still dealing with COVID, the Ukraine war tested our resolve and that of our employees in ways we never imagined. At the beginning of the war EPAM had 16,000 employees in the region. Within a week, we’d begun moving our employees, their families and even those of other tech companies and our customers to safer areas. Our employees continually give their time, money, and energy to support their peers and Ukraine and have shown no signs of slowing down.

Recent years have tested us repeatedly, and with each overcome challenge, we emerged more robust and experienced. Still, 2022 was a tremendous turmoil for us as a company and thousands of our associates in Ukraine.

When the war against Ukraine broke off, SoftServe immediately took the first steps to address the challenges the country’s authorities and people of Ukraine faced. In this major crisis, SoftServe has demonstrated extraordinary resilience, and care for its people and the community. In this difficult year, the company managed not only to take care of the safety of its largest team, but stay productive.

Community Partnership of the Year

ACS International Schools took over Thorpe Park and offered 10,000 free tickets to school children. Engaging over 75 companies and 100+ schools. The park was gamified against the National Curriculum with activites from Mercedes F1, The Royal Philharmonic, Intel, Bloodhound Supersonic Car, www.gravity.co etc. Our full impact report with videos, photos, testimonials and impact reports can be seen at www.steam2022.org. This was a free event for everyone to ensure it was accessible for all, with specific access to refugee children, state schools, inner city London children and girls in STEM.

Dentsply Sirona’s sustainability strategy BEYOND: Taking Action for a Brighter World is supported by three strategic pillars: Healthy Planet, Healthy Smiles and Healthy Business. Under the Healthy Smiles pillar Dentsply Sirona has committed to achieve 25 million smiles by 2025. Part of this effort and with a desire to constantly increase access to oral health, globally, Dentsply Sirona has started a five-year partnership with Smile Train in 2021. Smile Train is the world’s largest global non-profit organization that provides free corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palettes.

EY Ripples is a skills-based volunteering programme that aims to positively impact a billion lives by 2030. Focused on three areas – supporting the next generation, working with impact entrepreneurs, accelerating environmental sustainability – it’s generated an unprecedented ecosystem of volunteers, clients and collaborators. Maintaining engagement has been key to project delivery, requiring the EY Americas Corporate Responsibility team to create an equitable, consistent programme framework for EY volunteers while also facilitating innovation. In FY22 (July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022), 26,000 EY Americas Ripples participants delivered 1,000+ initiatives, positively impacting 5.5 million lives – equivalent to the population of Scotland!

Iceland Foods partnered with award-winning ethical credit provider Fair for You to deliver interest free micro-loans of £25-£100, empowering financially-excluded families to avoid school holiday food poverty and improve their financial resilience. Harnessing Fair for You’s deep knowledge of financial exclusion, this has led to 92% of customers stopping or reducing their use of food banks, among a range of other financial and health benefits, including an 80% reduction in use of loan sharks, according to independent evaluations. More than 25,000 families across the UK have used the scheme, and that number continues to grow.

SEF ran a 3-year program de Desarrollo de Emprendimiento en Cerro de San Pedro after being hired by New Gold to facilitate the community’s independence from mining. Since 2015 we’ve worked with the community on a program to build capacity to work with entrepreneurs, and they continue using our methodology to further robust the local economy. Todos por Cerro de San Pedro Foundation (FTCSP), is a non-profit institution modeled after our structure. The community started with little-to-no businesses within three years 151 new businesses were started. We actively engaged 150+ people and our operations continue to reach 240+ entrepreneurs.

Spherule Foundation is dedicated to achieving holistic women empowerment by focusing on areas of Digital & Financial Literacy, Livelihood, Skilling and Women health. Our impact has been significant, with 11.5 million women PAN India benefiting and this number is growing every day. Our 750+ employees and volunteers working tirelessly and implementing our various women empowerment initiatives in rural, peri-urban and urban slums for promoting gender equality, breaking down traditional barriers, and creating opportunities for women. We deliver sustainable solutions and have countless success stories,95% of our underprivileged women beneficiaries gaining access to resources and opportunities, making informed decisions, achieving greater equality and independence.

TBBT works with its partners to unleash the power of food to ignite long-lasting change in struggling neighbourhoods across the UK, and reduce food waste. Across 80+ communities we improve diets, facilitate stronger communities, diminish loneliness, reduce financial stress, offer bespoke support and give our members a voice.

Every week, we save over 100 tonnes of food from being wasted – that’s a million meals a month – and around 190,000kg of CO2, while our 45,000+ members collectively saved over £4.8m annually on their household shopping. In 2022 we supported 14,000 households out of crisis.

Every week, we change lives.

Educational Excellence

The MoveNow programme was launched as part of the IOC and IPC’s purpose-led partnership with Allianz, to encourage the next generation across the globe to move. Covering movement across body, mind and soul, the programme includes a range of initiatives; from sports camps and the first fully inclusive Training Series, to a thriving TikTok Club and ‘hackathons’. The hugely impactful Training Series includes videos, a 21-day Training Plan, and Motivational Calendar Tips all co-created by people with disabilities – including professional Para coach Guido Bonsen and Paralympic athletes. So far, it has amassed over 160M views and 500M impressions.

To address the gender gap in STEM the EY STEM App is a free-of-charge mobile platform for girls, aged 13–18. The app, which leverages STEM content from world-renowned institutions, is currently live in 16 English speaking countries with more than 44,000 users. Gamification makes it extremely popular, with more than 98% of girls saying they enjoyed using the app and completing activities. In a pilot of 7,000 girls, participants reported a 35% uplift in their commitment to pursue STEM after leaving school — an achievement recognized by the Nobel Prize Summit, the UN General Compact on Gender Equality and OECD.

Earth Cubs wants to inspire, educate and entertain children all over the world about Oceans! Working in collaboration with Ocean Generation, Earth Cubs created interactive lessons, activities, videos, and a playable gaming environment. All free – to all schools!

Focussing on the theme of plastic pollution, Earth Cubs created vibrant and fun interactive lessons alongside a Tahiti environment in the Earth Cubs free gaming app.

We launched on World Ocean Day (8 June 2022) and since then have had over 90,000 hotspots played in our Ocean gaming environments and 7,000 lessons viewed in over 90 countries around the world!

Charity Global Action Plan has worked in partnership with Unilever on the Dirt is Good Schools Programme since February 2021. The partnership began by publishing ground-breaking new research that explored how to unleash the potential of young people to take positive action and create a better world for all. The partnership has used this insight to inform a programme of work -the Dirt is Good Schools Programme – currently being delivered in the UK, Chile and Thailand. The programme is helping young people take action on the social and environmental issues they care about, improving our world for the better.

Platform is a dynamic rail-education programme that connects teachers and students to the railway, empowering them to view it as a viable option for trips, to access future career opportunities, and to utilise it for external learning opportunities, and all the benefits of taking learning into nature and outside.

Through train-trips, workshops, and curriculum-linked resources, Platform helps young people to engage with a more sustainable, healthier mode of transport, and helps reduce reliance on costly, less environmentally-friendly coach travel.

Since launching in May 2022, Platform have taken over 2000 young people on train-trips and have delivered in-person to thousands more.

Tatawwar – ‘to develop’ in Arabic – is an interactive education programme by Potential.com and HSBC Empowering Youth to take charge and improve the World

It gives 15-18-year-olds across MENA the chance to practice important business skills, understand sustainable commitments and brings together students, schools, parents and the business community to help innovate for a shared future.

Tatawwar impacted over 15,000 students from over 3,000 schools, with more than 3,500 social innovative ideas submitted on the platform. Winners and ambassadors of the programme showed remarkable progress, launching their social enterprises, raising capital and even becoming advisory board members for companies.

In a world that had been through some BIG changes, we recognised the need for a single and differentiated education proposition to tackle social mobility in the UK and make an impact on the lives of young people, when they needed it most.

Delve Exchange is an innovative, global, peer to peer learning network which aims to improve sustainability outcomes of the small-scale mining sector. In the past 2 years it has connected over 1,000 workers in 71 countries in 6 regional online knowledge exchange groups and through 110 knowledge sharing forums. Six regional knowledge exchange coordinators have helped create new shared knowledge as evidenced in 3000 photos and videos and 200 powerful practice and implementation stories. A notable feature is the keen participation of women miners using the Delve Exchange as a safe place to share major concerns and training topics. Supported by AWiMA, OECD, OACPS, EU, UNDP, and The World Bank’s Extractives Global Programmatic Support Trust Fund.

Veolia Watford provides free in person environmental education sessions to primary schools in Watford. So far, our program has reached 75% of primary schools in Watford and educated over 11,000 children since 2021. Our team delivers this program with several strategic partnerships to help reach students in disadvantaged areas of the borough. As a direct result of this education, three quarters of these schools have been rebooked which is a testament to the quality and value of the program. Our program prides itself in helping to educate and empower students and helping schools achieve their sustainability strategies.

Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Sponsored by Brandpie

At Bupa, caring is at the centre of everything we do and underpins our purpose – helping people live ‘longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world.’ We know that to care for our customers, we must first look after our people.

As a global healthcare company, wellbeing is central to everything we do, and a key component in driving a positive employee experience. Our global wellbeing strategy is Bupa’s commitment to creating a culture of wellbeing across our global workforce, allowing our people to thrive and therefore provide the best care and expertise for our customers.

Challenging the blaze and burn work culture of consumerism and offering a work-life balance alternative is what has made City to Sea a beacon of light within the environmental industry.
Our 80%+ team wellbeing engagement rating (4-consecutive years) is underpinned by our accessible green recruitment, progressive competency framework, the switch to the 4-day week, our strategy in nature team-aways and our target-led improvements for inspiring a more inclusive and diverse team. This wellbeing package is turning the tide on how we look after our team, helping us also turn the tide on plastics – we know that kindness drives results.

We know that work-life balance is just as important as professional development, so we offer employees flexible working from day one. In September 2022, we introduced the offer of a nine-day fortnight for salaried roles, where employees can choose to spread their working hours over nine days instead of ten. This allows employees the option to enjoy a three-day weekend, helping to improve work-life balance. Over 300 employees opted to trial the working pattern.

Aiming to upgrade employees’ wellbeing, Innovecs launched the project called InnoClub – an ecosystem of employees’ clubs of interest designed to take care of their physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing. With InnoClub, Innovecs builds a culture that promotes a healthy working environment. Ultimately, this helped keep employees happy and healthy. The team conducted 21 challenges, 52 meet-ups, 660 sports workouts, and 8 training courses. 92% of InnoClub members confirmed they got new wellbeing experience, 80% found new friends, 83% said InnoClub helped them improve their wellbeing, mental and physical health. Finally, Innovecs eNPS increased to 76% in 2022.

At Jumeirah, we believe that shared values are integral to building a strong culture and uniting our colleagues. In 2021, post pandemic, times had changed, and it presented us with an opportunity to re-look at our culture and values. The Spirit of Jumeirah culture programme was created by colleagues for colleagues, as a platform to launch our values and implement a series of initiatives designed to recognise, reward and support our colleague’s wellbeing. As a result, 90% of our colleagues said they’re proud to tell others they work at Jumeirah and qualified as a great place to work.

We want to be the leading place to work for world changers. So we need a world-changing approach to make this happen. Our people’s engagement and wellbeing is central to our culture – a culture which is progressive, inclusive and low-ego.

The Thales employee volunteering programme was launched in January 2022, with 10% of our employees regularly engaged in volunteering and a growth in recorded volunteering hours from 700 (2021) to 7627 (2022). The number of volunteering hours have been included as a key metric for the business objective to be an overt contributor to a safer, greener and more inclusive society. Employees at all levels within the business are engaged in volunteering activities and volunteering has been built into our key learning and development programmes, performance management cycles, our employee value proposition to support attraction and retention of great employees.

Environmental Behaviour Change

This is a social movement for environmental protection that has been going on for more than 30 years. Tzu Chi has been working with about 110,000 people in 21 countries around the world from waste sorting and weight reduction to circular economy. Starting from Tzu Chi in Taiwan, we combined environmental protection and technology with partners and invested in charity to benefit all beings.

Ride the Change is a multi-day community cycle ride raising awareness and action on climate solutions. Over 250 people have cycled together ahead of COP, building a strong community of climate champions, while raising support through climate action pledges (instead of cash) through Do Nation’s interactive pledging platform. Over 2021 and 2022, cyclists raised 7,048 pledges from 2,721 supporters – pledges like cycling to work, wasting less food, or switching pension provider. Together, these behaviour changes led to confirmed savings of 453 tonnes of CO2, 133 tonnes of waste and 2.3 million litres of water annually.

Love Island reframed desirable fashion by partnering with eBay to spotlight pre-loved clothing. The campaign brought second hand fashion into the mainstream, helping inspire sustainable shopping choices among a huge audience.

By activating across every possible touchpoint, including in-show product placement, social media/ digital activations, auctioning the Islander’s outfits and eBay homepage take-overs, the pioneering partnership inspired millions to move towards pre-loved fashion, with 3.1 million people more likely to shop sustainably as a direct result of watching the show.

At NatWest Group, we represent the Sustainable Futures Network – an employee-led network whose ambition is to Connect and Educate colleagues around sustainability issues, and Spark the creation of new ideas to drive towards the goal of Net Zero.

Through 2023, we focused on driving environmental behaviour change both with our members, and more broadly outside of the network. We did this through a combination of education and training to our 60,000 colleagues; 8 events including talks and a climate hackathon, and a Sustainability Champions programme with hundreds of participants.

Through a range of films, interactive games and activities for 8 to 11 year olds, The Ripple Effect encourages everyone to learn more about water and make small changes to protect our water supply. Launched in 2021 by the Northumbrian Water Group, the educational programme is part of the company’s efforts to reduce overall water usage by 2040. Aimed at KS2 primary school pupils, the programme leads children to commit to taking action to reduce what they use and influence others, in turn helping schools and local communities with water sustainability.

At Recorra, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is at the core of everything we do. Our journey began in 1988, recycling paper in the City. Since then, we have grown to become a leading commercial waste management company. Committed to finding innovative ways to reduce contamination and reduce the amount of material that is sent to general waste. We enable our customers to recycle over 35 waste streams and counting. We are passionate about engaging with our stakeholders to improve recycling behaviour to create a more sustainable future.

Species Unite is a nonprofit media organization that is raising awareness of the connection between animal agriculture, deforestation, and climate change, and helping a growing community of people significantly reduce their carbon and water footprints by reducing their use and consumption of animal products. Based on a recent survey of behavioral changes our subscribers have made since following our content we are helping to save a minimum of 12.4 million pounds of CO2e and over a billion gallons of water every year by encouraging and supporting tens of thousands of people to eat less meat and use less animal products.

Sustainable Supply Chain of the Year

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Zurich have ambitious targets defined for their workplace social value. They wanted to push the boundaries with a provider to deliver on real positive social impact. Providing a bespoke solution which had a strong social value strategy committed to supporting diverse suppliers and deliver accelerated results towards Zurich’s ESG journey, CBRE was awarded the contract in 2021 to commence in February 2022. Immediately, Zurich’s diverse supplier spend through CBRE increased from 3% to 36% of the contract value with a target to increase to 50% by year three. The model incorporated a plethora of diverse suppliers bringing rapid impact.

SP Energy Networks (SPEN) is leading the way in its approach to sustainability, based on ‘whole system’ thinking. It is collaborating across the entire energy system, including with its supply chain and stakeholders to achieve a just transition to net zero. Through the provision of sustainability training to its supply chain, to in-depth consulting with external experts on the creation of its strategy, SPEN has rooted all it does in stakeholder engagement. It has achieved the highest categorisation of ‘Advanced’ in the 2020/21 AccountAbility AA1000 Healthcheck for stakeholder engagement, putting them within the top 10% of companies assessed globally.

A root cause of poverty and child labor throughout mica rich regions of Jharkhand and Bihar, India, is the low prices paid to villagers for the mica they collect.
To lift mica communities out of poverty and end child labor, the Responsible Mica Initiative launched research and work to pay workers fairly. Interestingly, findings show that price paid to mica pickers would need to be increased five-fold, but that this would almost always have an impact of less than a 0.1% increase in the cost of end-products that use mica such as cosmetics, paints, batteries and automotives.

Climate Action: Race to Net Zero

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Legacy 2030 places sustainability at the heart of Asahi’s strategy, engaging employees and partners to improve our environmental performance, and the well-being of our people and those around us, through commitments to:

Make all breweries carbon neutral
Reduce water usage in beer brewing
Source ingredients sustainably
Use reusable or recyclable packaging materials
Promote equality in our leadership teams
Increase our non-alcoholic products

We’ve already achieved:
1 in 2 beers brewed in Europe using 100% renewable electricity in 2022
100% locally sourced barley in three countries
40% reusable beer packaging in 2022
“For Hops” and “Campus Peroni” partnerships promoting sustainable agriculture.

At Bupa, we know there is no net zero future economy that doesn’t have healthcare in it. We need to transform healthcare sustainably, and to do that, we need a clear north star – to be net zero. But our strategy is broader than that. We know we can’t do this without adopting a transformation mindset and can’t have the impact we want without collaborating with others.

Our sustainability strategy ensures we’re covering all angles; designing out carbon emissions and waste from our business and value chain; driving innovations, research and advocacy to accelerate action; helping to regenerate nature.

As a global manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark’s tissue business is classified as an energy-intensive industry in many markets, which reflects the challenges we face in our decarbonising journey. Despite that, we’ve made significant progress towards more sustainable operations, establishing a net-zero strategy aligned to four pillars including energy conservation, manufacturing footprint optimisation, alternative and renewable energy, and energy supply.

In the UK, over £182 million is being invested by K-C and its partners into these initiatives, and we’re currently leading the way in our global decarbonisation journey by implementing solutions that have significantly reduced our timeline for our ambition to achieve net-zero.

SP Energy Networks is playing a critical role in supporting regional and national ambitions driving towards Net Zero. Alongside its own sustainable business strategy, it’s delivering pioneering projects which play a vital role in the energy system transition. These include a new £5million fund to help vulnerable communities develop their net zero plans, and the development of major engineering projects to enable the transmission of renewable energy. It has reduced its own direct carbon footprint by almost half over the last decade and is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 67% by 2034/35, through measurement against validated science-based targets.

Since 1912, year the House of Telmont was founded by Henri Lhôpital, on his land of Damery, near Epernay, Telmont has defended its vision of viticulture and the values it holds dear: loyalty, humility, and courage. When the brand was relaunched in June of 2021, we therefore shared our ambitious sustainability program In the Name of Mother Nature and its five main objectives: Preserve terroir and biodiversity, generalize eco-conception, transition to 100% renewable electricity and promoting use of ‘green’ energy sources for all activities, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and intensify efforts in terms of transparency.

Circular Economy

The Global Mattress Industry is worth over £26 billion. There are 8 billion people globally. Each and every one of these mattresses has to be disposed of at End-of-Life (EoL). The UK alone dispose of 6.4 million mattresses each year and less than 25% are recycled. That’s just under 5 million mattresses each year still going into UK landfill sites with each mattress taking up over .57m3 of unnecessary space. Proof that our Worlds First, Sustainable, Closed Loop, Circular Economy Solution for this problematic and bulky waste stream can be backed up with our 892% Growth in just 3 years.

At Recorra, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is at the core of everything we do. Our journey began in 1988, recycling paper in the City. Since then, we have grown to become a leading commercial waste management company. Committed to innovation, and finding ways to reduce the amount of materials that are treated as general waste. We enable our customers to recycle over 35 waste streams and are continually expanding this number. Our expert development team, work to ensure we are closing the loop and creating a sustainable future.

Stone supplies 360-degree IT solutions to the education, public, private and third sectors, and we’ve helped thousands of organisations be more sustainable.

We’ve been a Valpak zero-landfill business for ten years, our HQ uses 100% renewable electricity and we’re the only UK IT provider with our own WEEE-accredited recycling facility. The award-winning Stone 360 app has helped us recycle more than 1.2 million units of unwanted IT while planting 6,500 trees and we’ve been recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Community.

We’ve maintained profitability while increasing turnover and headcount, and we’ll keep expanding without compromising our environmental or social commitments.

Our mission is to reduce the impact that redundant mobile technology is having on planet earth by pioneering ethical and sustainable solutions in how devices and associated accessories are recovered and reused.

As a purpose led business, we want to revolutionise technology recycling to reverse the e-waste problem for good and create recovery solutions that benefits both planet and people. Our goal is 100% reuse and zero landfill. We have stopped more than 9,000 tonnes of electronic waste from ending up in landfill by repurposing and recycling more than 2.2 million mobile phones and 25 million accessories since 2005.

Oracle is committed to responsible management of our IT and electronic assets. Our remanufacturing Take Back Program increases the percentage of reuse, versus recycling, helping conserve natural resources, reduce carbon emissions, and create financial value for Oracle and our customers. Every year, Oracle reuses or recycles over 99% of the products it takes back from around the globe. Oracle’s shift to cloud opens up more opportunities for a circular economy. As we expand our data center footprint, we are increasing opportunities for reuse, and help our customers reduce their own carbon and energy consumption.

Judges may be aware how in 2019, Delphis Eco, was a game-changer in the re-use and re-purposing of plastic packaging, launching 100% plastic packaging (a UK first). Today, the company continues to lead the way in how plastic is recycled and applications. 2022 saw Delphis partner with SKY, launching an easy to use, refill and install belt of hand care and sanitiser for its 5,000 white van drivers giving a a sustainable hand care solution. Furthermore, Delphis launched 100% plastic packaging into the domestic cleaning chemicals market in early 2022 removing 35 tonnes of plastic from standard recycling loop.

Waste Reduction & Minimisation

KPMG are committed to becoming a zero-waste business – eliminating all avoidable waste from our operations by 2030. We’ve made good progress in reducing the amount of waste we produce, removing over 8 million items of single-use plastic across our estate, reducing our paper consumption by 74% and overall waste by 24% in the past three years. By investing in circular solutions and focusing on reuse we have created co-benefits for our communities too – with our surplus food creating more than 7,000 meals and schools and charities across the UK benefiting from our refurbished technology.

At PPG, we have a steadfast commitment to sustainability, guided by our purpose: we protect and beautify the world.

From product innovations that give new life to recycled materials, to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, our ongoing sustainability journey includes goals, policies, programs, and procedures that help address the world’s most pressing climate issues.

One such program — our Zero Discharge Project — reduces waste intensity and increases wash water reuse.

Through this, PPG reused 1.8 million gallons of water, decreased waste intensity by 3%, saved 60,000+ gallons of wastewater, and delivered $80,000 in savings and cost avoidance.

Children tend to outgrow their shoes before they outwear them, and shoes are relatively difficult to recycle. In 2013, CJ Bowry founded the charity Sal’s Shoes, named after her son, when she sent off his first few pairs of preloved shoes to find a new owner. Almost 10 years on, the charity has now distributed almost 5,000,000 pairs of donated shoes to almost 5,000,000 children in need. Sal’s Shoes have found their new feet in 59 countries around the world, thanks to their network of referral partners supporting families experiencing hardship, including other charities, community organisations, schools and refuges.

A market disruptor; UKE delivers an innovative, ethical solution for pre-owned and ex-display fitted furniture including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms etc and is influencing procurement policy within the Interiors marketplace. Actively promoting the sale and re-use of pre-installed goods, with forecasted obtainable annual savings of 138K tonnes of landfill, 180K tonnes of CO2 and 80 thousand trees. UKE brings affordable, pre-owned goods to market for ethically motivated and cost-conscious buyers with measurable Social Value and supporting UN SDG goals 12/13, Paris Accord and DEFRA.

Best Product of the Year

Created for all, from garden designers to novices, Carbon Gold’s Biochar Soil Improver is a soil additive that promotes root development, improves soil structure and sequesters carbon into the soil, helping in the fight against climate change.

It’s a perfect medium for anyone wanting resilient and productive flowers, plants, trees, fruits and vegetables by increasing organic matter in the soil.

Soil Association approved, Soil Improver is organic British-made Biochar, with natural biology, including worm castings, mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed, that delivers scientifically proven results.

For every kg of Biochar Soil Improver, 2.7 kg’s of CO2 is sequestered underground.

Brevel is actively working to solve the biggest nutrition challenges that exist today. The company is achieving this by providing truly sustainable microalgae protein that is tasty, and available for the first time at an affordable cost for the food industry. Brevel uses non-GMO microalgae grown in a unique breakthrough technology: the first globally to combine sugar-based fermentation of microalgae with a high concentration of light at industrial scales. Due to the high nutritional values and sustainable production in the mid and long terms, Brevel is aiming to become the #1 choice for plant-based protein worldwide.

Environment Bank restores biodiversity across hundreds of hectares of land through its pioneering Habitat Bank product. This has created a significant improvement in biodiversity, additional income stream for landowners, farmers and enabled developers to prove a 10% uplift in nature – a legal requirement in the government’s 25-year Environment Plan that Environment Bank lobbied hard for to ensure it became law in 2021.

Environment Bank’s disruptive model has secured a c£220m investment for a nationwide rollout, seen enquiries soar and it’s set to establish over 2,500 hectares of Habitat Banks by the end of 2024 – helping to save nature.

Mr Bug is a pioneering Devon bug farm breeding sustainable, nutrient-dense mealworms in the rural SW. In its 1st incarnation the top grade insect protein will be creating the last word in discerning dog treats (Mr Bug Bites) but ultimately the focus will be to introduce consumer based products to the market such as insect protein power bars & shakes.

To provide a little background context it’s worth noting that the world’s population is expected to exceed 9bn by 2050, creating a global protein shortage by 2025, as traditional farming with its poor eco-friendly/sustainable track record comes up short.

Best Campaign of the Year

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World Refill Day is a global public awareness campaign to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste. The campaign is designed to accelerate the transition away from single-use plastic towards refill & reuse, changing consumer behaviour and creating an alternative vision for the future. Together with our partners, supporters and thousands of everyday activists, we’ve built a global movement, inspired action and demonstrated that the world is ready for a refill and reuse revolution.

How it Started: One person. One idea. One identified volunteer cause.

52 days later: A company-wide cleanup effort, resulting in 33 events, 914 participants, totaling 1,868 volunteer hours and removing 7,056.5 kg of litter to make a significant impact in our communities.

Giving back has always been an important part of our company’s culture, values, and sustainability strategy. In connection with our annual goal of 50,000-hours of community service, HAVI encourages our employees to give back by donating their time to causes of their choice. That autonomy and encouragement is what catalyzed employee action in 2022.

HELLo ALU is an awareness-raising campaign of the energy and soft drinks company HELL ENERGY, launched in 2022, to raise consumer awareness of the benefits of aluminium packaging and the importance of keeping it in circulation in a playful and interactive way through collective action. Last year, consumers collected around 33,000 aluminium cans at festivals, tram stops and supermarkets as part of the CSR campaign. This year’s programme aims to target the secondary school, university, young adult and working age groups with age-specific educational activities, educating consumers on the circular economy.

Last Halloween, a terrifying 22 million pumpkins were set to go to waste, meaning around £32 million worth of food would go in the bin. With their ‘Eat Your Pumpkin’ campaign, Hubbub captured the spirit of Halloween and engaged a mainstream audience who might not normally consider taking sustainable action. The campaign reached 11.5 million across cinema, social, digital and PR. Community groups saved over 5 tonnes of food with ‘Eat Your Pumpkin’ events.

Britain Get Talking, ITV’s campaign in partnership with Mind, YoungMinds and SAMH, is the most well-known mental wellbeing campaign in the UK.

In 2022 it sought to help tackle the mental health crisis among young people by encouraging parents to keep talking to their teenagers no matter how hard it might seem.

Using powerful advertising and interrupting programming to create ‘breakthrough moments’ that were conversation starters, the initiative succeeded in getting 7 million people to take action as a result of the campaign.

49% of the UK’s working-age population has the numeracy levels of a primary school child. In response in 2018 National Numeracy and KPMG founded National Numeracy Day (NND). NND is an annual campaign that inspires all ages to take steps to improve their numeracy.

NND encourages collaboration and collective impact by bringing together businesses; government; charities; schools and colleges to engage audiences who struggle with numbers. These organisations sign-up to NND to receive free resources to support their communities with numeracy. NND’s fifth annual campaign in 2022 achieved transformative impact through 4,800+ sign-ups and 459,742 actions taken to improve numeracy.

With someone dying every 30 seconds from a hepatitis related illness each year, the impact and treatments available needed to be made clear. We were commissioned by the World Hepatitis Alliance to deliver the World Hepatitis Day campaign. Its aim is to communicate the urgent need for action, by informing decision makers of the scale of the challenge and encouraging people worldwide to get tested. The World Hepatitis Day 2021 campaign launched on 28th July. A global virtual relay passed through 40 countries spanning every time zone and the #WorldHepatitisDay gained over 500 million Twitter impressions.

Best Start-up Enterprise

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Jenerous is a social enterprise clothing brand that’s changing lives through ethical fashion, by creating empowering work and giving back from sales. Jenerous sells clothing and accessories that combine Indian artisan hand-block printing with contemporary style. Fair-Trade manufacturing ensures fair pay, safe working conditions and transformation of lives through sustainable employment. We choose ethical production processes, sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly dyes, waste reduction and extend product life. Since inception, Jenerous has given 10% of all sales to help communities in India by providing 280 weeks of tailoring training to leprosy affected people and 242 days wages for our manufacturer during Covid.

Neoplants is purifying the air we breathe by creating the first generation of bioengineered houseplants designed to improve indoor air quality. Ninety percent of our lives is spent indoors, where we breathe in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) linked to cancer, cardiac disease, and respiratory damage. Neo P1 is a Pothos plant, genetically engineered to capture and recycle formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene – four of the most dangerous VOCs. A single Neo P1 can purify indoor air with up to 30 times the effectiveness of one regular houseplant, introducing an effective, environmentally friendly alternative to mechanical air purifiers.

SKOOT is more than just carbon-negative platform. It empowers individuals and businesses to fight climate change. Its innovative solutions create a community of conscious consumers who make sustainable choices. From carpooling to offsetting CO2 created from food miles by funding sustainable climate projects to tree planting, SKOOT leads the way in creating a sustainable world. SKOOT is a multiple award-winning platform with over 750k trees planted with a total of 9,236 tonnes of CO2 offset just shows how small actions can lead to big changes. SKOOT inspires others to join the journey towards a greener future.

Wastestream Services offers a ‘Zero to Landfill’ waste solution. By installing their own patented glass bottle crushing machinery and multi sized compaction balers, they offer a bespoke solution to any size of business, not only to efficiently utilise waste storage space, but dramatically increasing recycling rates. Within a short space of time Wastestream has helped a large variety of clients, ranging from hotel chains and prestigious restaurants and clubs, to the humble single pub.

Technology for Good

Sponsored by Erjjio Studios

DelAgua’s Live Well programme operates in Rwanda, The Gambia and Sierra Leone and has distributed 1.6 million stoves with integrated education, free of charge, impacting 7 million lives. It focuses exclusively on the rural poor for whom an improved cookstove is unaffordable. Innovative application of technology drives the programme’s success. It manages the complexity of distributing hundreds of thousands of stoves to remote rural communities efficiently, enables accurate tracking of stove location and usage and collects data essential to the integrity of the carbon credits generated which fund the programme. This builds investor confidence, key to long term growth.

Fog watch is a cutting-edge digital platform for management of fat , oil and grease waste program developed by the department of sewage and recycled water networks , dubai municipality .The Digital platform facilitate data exchange between authorities, hotel industries ( over 8000 hotels and restaurants), service providers( 68 grease waste collection companies ) and recycling facility . By utilizing digital monitoring techniques, data analytics and customized applications, it offer full traceability of fog waste and provide enhanced visibility and accountability throughout the chain and streamline operations , maintain compliance and ensure resilience.

In a world, where so many products and services are delivered digitally, GoCodeGreen has built a decisioning platform to calculate the carbon emissions related to software production and operation. We’ve taken the GHG Protocol ICT Sector Guidance and codified it. Our aim is to decarbonise digital. Our potential market is every software product in the world. We have already worked across 20 organisations and the actions identified could have reduced the total carbon impact by 53%, the equivalent of not using 22m kWh energy or leaving 9,000 tonnes of fossil fuels in the ground.

SkedGo’s Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) technology has enabled non-profit Feonix – Mobility Rising to radically improve quality of life for vulnerable and underserved communities, by providing fair and equal access to transportation. The new apps, with integrated customer service and access to trained staff, serving their respective US states, save paratransit users and their caregivers hundreds of hours a year booking and managing rides. These highly customised and accessible solutions are believed to be the first of their kind in the US, with the potential to completely reshape paratransit services for communities both at home and globally.

As SoftServe is a global IT company with Ukrainian roots. We have a strong capability and profound knowledge and skills to drive positive change through technology. At SoftServe, we care not only about our people, but also about the world around us.

Open Tech charity crowdsourcing platform is a visual embodiment of SoftServe’s corporate culture. It was introduced in March 2021 and developed by SoftServe associates to support various social initiatives, non-profit and governmental institutions, and find solutions for socially meaningful causes.

As of the date:
30 projects were successfully completed
27 projects are in active phase
590 associates contrubuted

Game Changing Innovation of the Year

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The Global Mattress Industry is worth over £26 billion. There are 8 billion people globally. Each and every one of these mattresses has to be disposed of at End of Life. The UK alone dispose of 6.4 million mattresses each year and less than 25% are recycled. That’s just under 5 million mattresses each year still going into UK landfill sites with each mattress taking up 20sq/ft of unnecessary space. Proof that our Worlds First, Sustainable, Closed Loop, Circular Economy Solution for this problematic and bulky waste stream can be backed up with our 892% Growth in just 3 years.

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) is a global business, based in Scotland, which designs, supplies, and supports vertical farming infrastructure for growers all around the world. The business blends engineering, crop science and agronomy experience to deliver Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) solutions that allow farmers to take complete control over each stage of the growth cycle, from the amount and type of light a crop receives, through to the water, nutrients, airflow and temperature. This delivers consistently high-quality produce, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.

The Wilder Blean Project is changing the face of UK conservation, using giant herbivores as a nature-based solution to the biodiversity and climate crises. Britain is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world ranking 189 of 215 countries surveyed for biological intactness. The country faces ‘ecological meltdown’ and traditional conservation methods require reform to reverse the trend.

The solution – bison, they are eco-system engineers reshaping habitats, creating light and space for nature to thrive.

At the Wilder Blean Project, the first free-roaming bison herd are changing the landscape, providing a nature-based solution to traditional woodland management.

In 2022 Octopus Energy created the pioneering ‘Saving Sessions’ in partnership with National Grid’s ‘Demand Flexibility Service’. The aim was to engage smart meter customers via financial incentives and education to reduce grid load at busiest times, which, in turn, would cut energy costs and pollution. 700K Octopus customers took part in 13 sessions and became THE most engaged and active of all ‘Demand Flexibility Service’ suppliers, achieving 1.86GW grid flexibility (50% of total), saving £5.3m on their bills and avoiding 430 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, whilst proving that coal isn’t necessary to balance peak energy demand.

Xampla creates high-performance, drop-in replacements for polluting plastics. Using its breakthrough, natural core resin material, it has developed a range of new product innovations, including edible films.

Brought to market with meal kit company Gousto, Xampla created the world’s first edible stock cube wrapper to replace single-use plastic sachets while giving consumers an exciting new product experience. Replacing non-recyclable plastic films this never seen before technology is made just from plant proteins – meaning consumers can actually eat their packaging.

Working seamlessly with existing industry machinery and processes, Xampla’s scalable innovation has unlocked the next-generation of alternative materials.

Zero manufactures carbon-neutral synthetic fuels that can be dropped directly into existing petrol, diesel or jet fuelled engines with no vehicle modifications. The process takes CO2 from air, converts water into hydrogen and combines them to make hydrocarbon fuel, with the same amount of CO2 used to make it as is released when it is burned. The Zero DirectFT® process combines proprietary catalysts, process and synthesis plant, designed with learnings from F1-type modelling. Zero is the only company to have demonstrated creating fully-featured synthetic fuels that achieve aviation-grade energy density, combustion, and lubrication properties, with no supplementation by fossil fuels.