About the Global Good Awards

Our story

Back in 2014, Karen Sutton, founder of the Awards, didn’t give a second thought to where she bought things and how they were made. Today, the Awards has led her to a personal reinvention and a much more sustainable lifestyle; simply by being inspired by what organisations of all sizes were doing in their communities, for their people, for the planet and for their bottom line. Karen doesn’t just run an awards programme; she is committed to promoting change.

Founded in 2015 (formerly as National CSR Awards), the Global Good Awards is all about recognising businesses, NGOs, charities and social enterprises of all shapes and sizes around the world, who are driving social and environmental change.

Now approaching the eighth year, these awards aren’t just about recognising big business for responsible and sustainable practices. It is about rewarding change in ALL organisations, big or small; building platforms to learn, share and progress ideas; and encouraging the development of engaged and ethical business practices as well as the democratisation of sustainability.

What’s different about the Global Good Awards?

It is the ethos of the Global Good Awards that makes us stand out from the crowd. We believe that if we are to recognise and reward change across all aspects of purpose driven sustainability and social impact, then we have to be walking that talk ourselves.

We’re independent. We’re not tied to any large publishing or event company, which means that our decisions and actions are not influenced by any vested interests or operational restrictions; we are free to develop the Global Good Awards in line with our ethos.

Each year, we continue to push the sustainability boundaries further: from our venues to our menus, from our dress code to our printed material… everything we do is sustainable. You can read more detail about what we do here: Our Responsibility.

Who can enter?

We’re an all-inclusive awards programme and will recognise and reward organisations of all shapes and sizes that are making strides towards a better world for people, the planet and the global economy.

We are UK based but a global scheme, boasting a wide range of categories, open to all organisations of all sizes from any country. Entry activities can be focused within any country (locally or nationally) or globally.

The way we work.

We have a strong, sustainable and consistent team, from our photographers to our judges, and we only work with partner companies that share our values. This approach has undoubtedly made the awards stronger year on year. We also draw upon the knowledge of a steering group of individuals with many years’ experience in sustainability, to ensure that the Global Good Awards remains effective, credible and keeps up with the latest trends in the sector.

“Well done on a seriously good evening. It was a real step up from last year – and that wasn’t easy! The format excellent, the speaker {Martin Wright} was very good. It made perfect sense to deal with the awards at the pace and in the manner in which you did, then allowing maximum networking via the food serving format. Well done.”

Nick Wright, MD of Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Affairs, UBS

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