Aligning our programme with the SDGs

From 2019, the Global Good Awards have aligned our categories with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For 2020 onwards, this category will become an independent category (previously it was decided by judges’ discretion). Entrants will specify which SDGs have influenced their activity or project and how far have they gone to achieving it based on the targets set out by the UN.

This is not an opportunity for ‘rainbow-washing‘ (a term coined by Wayne Visser, professor of integrated value and chair in sustainable transformation at Antwerp Management School) so we’re not looking to reward businesses for using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); co-opting them for marketing, without doing anything fundamentally different within their business. We’re looking for entries that are truly aligning, targeting, meeting and exceeding the goals and individual targets.

If organisations wish to take part, you can enter our Special Judges Award for SDGs:

  1. Which SDGs have influenced your specific programme or your overall activities within the business as a whole?
  2. How far have you gone to achieving or exceeding those SDGs based on the individual targets set out by the UN?

A useful guide to the SDGs can be found here.

This award will be given, at the Judge’s discretion, to the entry that has shown the most success in meeting and/or exceeding a combination of the quantity of SDGs that have been targeted and the depth and breadth in which they have been achieved.