Webinars for award entrants

We realise that for many businesses, post-COVID has led to tighter budgets and more careful spending, so we want to ensure you have everything you need to make a decision whether to enter awards or not. So, in 2021 we ran our first series of ‘Ask The Judges’ webinars which are available to watch again through our YouTube Channel.

From these webinars, we compiled a handy guide to the judges top tips. We highly recommend reading this before you enter! Why? Because if you have an amazing story to tell, with impressive impact statistics, this five minute read COULD make the difference between a win and not even being shortlisted!


We’ll be running another few sessions in February 2022 (dates TBC) so do check back on this page or register your interest with us and you’ll receive an email. These are ‘entrant led’ webinars moderated by our founder, Karen Sutton but run by our judges – some of which have been evaluating your entries for as long as 5+ years – and you’ll be able to ‘ask them anything’ through the Chat feature. And they’re not just exclusively for those entering the Global Good Awards either!

Key facts:

  • 60 mins long.
  • They’re completely free – no obligation to enter.
  • They’re not just for those entering the Global Good Awards – if you plan to enter any other sustainability awards, you can still join in!
  • You get to direct the agenda by coming armed with questions, stats, queries and concerns.
  • You can attend as many as you wish.
  • You’ll be able to ask a judge a question privately through the Chat feature if you’d rather not ask it publicly.
  • They will be uploaded to YouTube after, however, you won’t be able to ask further questions.