Global Good Awards Categories

2024 overview

New: Wild World: Restore, Regenerate, Rewild, AI for Good and Finance Company of the Year.

Changed: Environmental Behaviour Change and Best Campaign categories have been merged. Individual Leader of the Year will no longer be only for senior leaders. Ukraine Crisis Champions has changed to Humanitarian Response Champions.

Are we eligible to enter?

Our awards programme is open to all organisations of any kind… companies large and small, charities, not-for-profits, social enterprises, NGOs, membership and accreditation organisations and government departments including local and county councils. We are all about rewarding sustainability practice – in all its forms. So if your organisation is making a difference, directly or indirectly to people and planet, you’re eligible.

Our category descriptions and criteria have been written to guide entrants on what content should be detailed in their entries. However, we do not expect square pegs to fit in round holes… Some of your business activities or dedicated programmes might not fit entirely with any one specific category. In these cases, the descriptions and criteria are open to an element of interpretation and rest assured that our judges will still take into account entries that are strongly aligned with the overall context of the category.

If you have any concerns about the suitability of your entry, or would like to discuss your activities in more detail, we are here to help. Give Karen a call on 07813 718541 or email us.

**NEW FOR 2024** AI for Good

This award recognised the potential of Artificial Intelligence to boost human wellbeing and help meet major societal and environmental challenges – while at the same time not ignoring its potential for harm. Read More >>

Behaviour Change Campaign of the Year

Sponsored by Seacourt

This award is open to any organisation that has developed an internal or external campaign to successfully push environmental or social issues into the spotlight between 2021-23 (or ongoing), or those which have developed and implemented effective purpose marketing which has created real transformation, especially in the field of behaviour change. Read More >>

Canon Young Champion of the Year

Sponsored by Canon EMEA

We are looking for the next young person who has shown outstanding leadership in campaigning for a good cause around a social or environmental issue. If you have shed light on a local or global issue, and are between 9-25 years old, then you can submit an entry to this free-to-enter category, sponsored by Canon EMEA. Read More >>

Circular Economy

Sponsored by Genuine Solutions

This award is open to all organisations taking a ‘circular economy’ approach to overall organisational, site or project specific resources. The winning entry of this circular economy award will consider all aspects of not only waste reduction and recycling but will take a holistic approach to ‘The 5 R’s’ where relevant – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle – and will include supply chain integration and collaborative working. Read More >>

Climate Action: Race to Net Zero

This award is open to any organisations that set new standards in lowering the carbon footprint impact of their business activities. This category is rewarding entities that are committed to reducing their carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions, but will not give credit to those simply offsetting their emissions. The judges will be looking for evidence that the entity is doing their best to reduce and/or eliminate emissions to the greatest extent possible; with the ultimate aim of being ‘carbon neutral’ or, ideally, ‘carbon positive’. Read More >>

Community Partnership of the Year Award

These potentially multiple winning awards sit under one umbrella of ‘community partnerships’ which, at the judges discretion, will be split into sub-categories and/or organisation size/type depending on the range and quantity of projects. The awards will be presented to different organisations demonstrating varying qualities and commitment within their community partnerships schemes. It will be at the discretion of the judges to decide upon the final sub-categories in order to align with entries received with innovation, scalability and legacy will also be considered. Read More >>

Educational Excellence

This award is open to education programmes and activities that are developed with the aim of expanding learning, enhancing access to information and providing unique academic experiences to all age groups, including adults. These education programmes, with a ‘learning’ theme, should engage any education/training establishments showing creativity and innovation and can focus on any area of learning with the end-game of delivering increased opportunities for individuals. Read More >>

Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Sponsored by Brandpie

If you are an organisation that demonstrates an all round commitment to your employees by supporting and delivering well thought out and successful workplace schemes, then you are eligible to enter this award. The award focuses on activities and practices developed to enhance employee well-being within and out of the workplace. Read More >>

Game Changing Innovation of the Year

Replacing the popular ‘Special Judges Award for Innovation’, this category looks to highlight products, services, activities or initiatives across the planet that are tackling, or have the evidenced potential to tackle a key environmental or social issue. They should also be replicable and scalable. Read more >>

Global Good Company of the Year

Sponsored by EcoOnline

This award is for major companies which are trailblazers in purpose-driven sustainability. Open to those with more than 250 staff, it recognises companies which are clear leaders in the field; which set an example for others to follow and so drive progress across the board. Read More >>

**NEW FOR 2024** Global Good Finance Player of the Year

This Award is for any organisation involved in the commercial financing of purpose-driven sustainability, whether in the form of loans, investments or other financial mechanisms (but not including philanthropic or charitable work). Read More >>

Global Good SME of the Year

This award is for small- and medium-sized companies which are trailblazers in purpose-driven sustainability. Open to those with fewer than 250 staff, it recognises SMEs which are clear leaders in the field; which set an example for others to follow and so drive progress across the board. Read More >>

**NEW FOR 2024** Humanitarian Response Champions

This takes its inspiration from our Ukraine Crisis Champions award from 2023 but widens the scope to cover responses to any potential emerging large-scale humanitarian crisis such as war/conflict, natural disasters, extreme weather events. NB: A minimum of 10% of all entry fees will be donated to Goods for Good for this category. Read more >>

Individual Leader of the Year

This award is open to organisations or individuals wishing to enter someone who has shown outstanding leadership in promoting responsible and ethical practices within their chosen field and organisation. This can include individuals in any position in the organisation, from CEO to administrative assistant – but they do need to be able to demonstrate that they’ve achieved really significant, game-changing impact. Read More >>

Product of the Year

This award is aimed at a product (or range of products) whose design and innovation serves a sustainable, social and/or environmental purpose. All phases of the lifecycle of the product (from conception, pre-production, production, distribution, usage, after usage) should be taken into account. Information about special materials as well as information about the production conditions will be considered. Extra weight will be given to those demonstrating true sustainable innovation in how they produced their product. Read More >>

Start-up Enterprise of the Year

Sponsored by Toast Brewing

This award is aimed at any businesses start-up, under five years old, with a purpose driven product or service and a holistic approach to innovative and leadership within their sector. The product or service can be anything that demonstrates positive social or environmental impact across any industry sector. Read More >>

Sustainable Supply Chain of the Year

Sponsored by Levin Sources

This award is open to any organisation that is working independently or with partners and collaborators to improve the social and environmental sustainability of its supply chain. The judges are looking to award a living demonstration of how to embed the principles of sustainability in a transparent supply chain, so that the organisation achieves a significant, and preferably game-changing, improvement in the sustainability of its end product(s) and/or service(s). Read More >>

Technology for Good

Sponsored by erjjio studios

This award is open to all technology products (software or hardware) that have generated a positive impact for the environment or in the community and helped to improve quality of life for people or the planet either on a local, national or international level. This positive impact could have been created either directly or indirectly (for example by helping a third sector organisation to achieve its objectives). Read More >>

**NEW FOR 2024** Wild World: Recover, Regenerate, Rewild

This award recognises pioneering practical examples of actions to restore nature and natural systems anywhere in the world – and to do so in a way which brings benefits to local people and the wider community, too. Read More >>

Waste Reduction and Minimisation

This category will reward organisations that have shown innovation and creativity in reducing and minimising waste across all key aspects of their activities – notably materials, water, food and energy. It will recognise achievements in ‘Scope 1’ – covering the organisation’s own ‘in-house’ activities; ‘Scope 2’ – those of its supply chain; and ‘Scope 3’ – the impact of its work and products ‘in use’, including among its customers or investees, all along the value chain. Read more >>

Interested in Entering?

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