Canon Young Champion of the Year

WINNER (Under 16s)

Mishal and Mir Faraz: Young changemakers

As siblings who work as a team, Mishal and Mir have relentlessly campaigned to protect the environment as well be active contributors to community and social causes since the past 7 years. They volunteer their time with UAE’s leading environmental and humanitarian organizations as well as spearhead their own campaigns. Their collective community service endeavours span hundreds of hours. As published authors and radio presenters, they use these media channels to spread awareness about causes close to their hearts. Mishal and Mir were conferred with the prestigious UK-based Diana Award 2020 for being dedicated changemakers.

WINNER (Under 21s)

Alabi Samuel Anjolaoluwa – Students Of Ibadan

The Studentsofibadan was birthed from the Fame Illuminate Project.

It is the pain, story, struggle and pain of student in Ibadan. The Students are majorly those in Government schools and also, those from low income families. I wanted know what it was like to be a student in Ibadan, share their stories, no because of ‘attention’ basically, but for people to be aware of what an average Ibadan or Nigerian student in a Government school go through to get educated.


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