Canon Young Champion of the Year

WINNER (Under 16s)

Netra Venkatesh: Empowering young women in the developing world

There are young women across rural settings ,slums and refugee camps across the developing world who have potential but lack exposure due to their circumstances.

The SpunkGo protocol involves providing free webinars to this audience at a regular frequency . The speakers are typically successful women who volunteer to present to this audience on a variety of topics where they have own experiences or are subject matter experts. Under normal circumstances, these women would not have have the opportunity for such interaction and exposure. SpunkGo provides them a community to belong to as well as an opportunity for self empowerment.

WINNER (Under 21s)

Nabilah Chowdhury – School Strike 4 Climate

From doing conservation projects with Taronga zoo (yatz leader) since the age of 13 to devoting time to fighting for our climate. Nabilah Chowdhury is an 18-year-old high school student that does her best to fight for the future of her generation. She participates in many leadership roles such as working as a youth parliamentarian for the Energy, Environment & Climate change as well as being in the Jane Goodall National Youth Leadership Council and being a UNYouth Delegate. She continues to volunteer her time and fundraise for organisations such as World Vision, Saves The Children and other climate organisation.


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