Canon Young Champion of the Year

WINNER (Under 16s)

Raheen Fatima: Activist

Raheen Fatima, a 15-year-old trailblazer, is an inspiring activist and Podcaster who has educated over 5000 young minds through her theater plays on child abuse and gender equality. Amid the pandemic, she leveraged technology to teach English to students from 20+ countries. She firmly believes that interfaith, intercultural, international dialogue can pave the way for global peace and the achievement of SDGs. To achieve this, she has conducted over 500 online and in-person sessions on topics including climate change, education, and peace. Raheen has inspired action and motivated 23,000 followers worldwide to join her in creating a positive impact.

WINNER (Under 21s)

Manyasiri (Pear) Chotbunwong: HER (Health. Equality. Respect.)

HER (Health. Equity. Respect.) is feminine health non-profit organization providing period products, education, healthcare, and employment to underserved women. We have distributed over 10,000 reusable and FDA-approved sugarcane fiber pads to women in 5 countries, supported by partnerships with 30+ schools and NGOs. Our sugarcane fiber pads are made from upcycled sugarcane bagasse, a sugar industry waste by-product. We employ former inmates to sew reusable pads to help them earn extra income. Our fundraising and advocacy campaigns have reached more than 12,000 people. HER has been recognized by the Diana Award, Women of the Future Awards, and UN Women.


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