Canon Young People Programme – Partner of the Year


Canon Central & North Africa and Lens on Life

Lens on Life Project opened their first media lab in Goma in 2018 along with a local NGO-and Camme RDC. The lab, powered by renewable energy, offers equipment for media production and computer terminals with internet connectivity for research and publishing. Canon Central & North Africa partnered with Lens on Life for the YPP program in 2021 and 2022. In 2022, Lens on Life added a photography studio with modern equipment on a new floor of the media lab. The alumni have access to paid field-based internships through Lens on Life’s partner Eastern Congo Initiative to kick-start their photography careers.


Canon France & Ça Bouge Grave

Canon EMEA & Axelle de Russé : I accompanied 24 young people aged 12 to 18 years old in the framework of the Canon Young People Programme. Thanks to the loan of 12 cameras by Canon, I accompanied the young people in order to create an exhibition on equality between men and women. This exhibition was displayed for two weeks in the city of Saint-Ouen.


Canon Finland & Oulu Climate Change in Secondary Schools

As part of Canon’s YPP, we have organized various photography courses for young people in the Oulu area. During 2022 courses the climate change was chosen as the main theme of our courses. During the workshop, young people learned the basics of photography, effective means of photo storytelling and the role of photography as a means of communication. The courses were hold in two different schools, about 40 teens joined the classes. After the course, each participant selected portrait of herself and best photo, to participate local exhibitions.