Canon are sponsoring the Young Champion of the Year Award

Canon, a global leader in imaging technology, is guided by its philosophy of Kyosei – living and working together for the common – to make the world a better place. Canon EMEA, Canon Inc strategic headquarters, is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, committing us  to working towards supporting the UN SDGs by their 2030 deadline.

We use our EMEA-wide platform Imaging for Good to drive proactive initiatives that support the SDGs and spark positive social change. We have been delivering visual storytelling workshops for young people since 2015, and to date, 23 countries across EMEA have run events, reaching more than 8,000 students.  This includes Our Young People Programme (YPP) which helps young people to use visual storytelling to express their views on issues affecting their future and Miraisha programme that boosts employment prospects in Africa in the imaging industries.

The Young People Programme (YPP) is aligned with the SDGs with the dual aim of educating young people about the SDGs and their importance, while providing a framework for them to share their stories more effectively. It sees a collaboration between Canon, Canon Ambassadors and local charities to give young people visual storytelling skills and the chance to make their voices heard on a range of sustainability issues relevant to their communities.

At Canon we are passionate about empowering the next generation of visual storytellers and enabling them to inspire positive change through photography. Applying the power of visual storytelling to SDGs can amplify their message and demonstrate how everyday actions can positively impact communities around the world.

Imaging for Good

When we enable others to tell stories, it is they who become the teachers and us who become the students. When we work with young people, our goal is always to put the creative power in their hands, simply providing access to experts to guide them and the technologies to realise their stories. Since 2015, we’ve delivered storytelling workshops as part of our Canon Young People Programme. We’ve worked in over 27 countries including France, UAE, Kenya and DRC, and at some of the worlds leading events #Expo2020Dubai #commonwealthgames #LDC5, taking some of the world’s leading photographers into communities to deliver education around the role visual storytelling plays in working towards the United Nations #SDG’s.

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