Circular Economy


AB InBev and EverGrain: Realising the Potential in Everything

At EverGrain, we’re realising the untapped potential of barley. Backed by AB InBev, EverGrain sets out to save the proteins and fibres of 1.4 million tons of barley (with starch removed for the brewing process) and transform them into ingredients that improve the nutritional profile of foods and beverages – while having a lower environmental impact when compared to alternatives.

Through the power of circularity, we are transforming what used to be a low-value by-product into high-quality, nutritious ingredients. We believe there is no such thing as waste, only things that haven’t been transformed yet.


Genuine Solutions Group: GSUK’s Circular Economy

Genuine Solutions UK (GSUK) exists to save planet earth, one recycled product at a time.  The company finds new uses for mobile phone handsets and accessories by sorting them, cleaning them, testing them and releasing them in A1 condition for a new life.

Building a circular economy is the entire purpose of the business. GSUK recovers, reuses and recycles unwanted mobiles and accessories. To date, we have stopped more than 8,000 tonnes of electronic waste from ending up in landfill by repurposing and recycling more than 10,000 phones and more than 200,000 units of accessories every month since 2008.


Road and Transport Authority in Dubai: RTA Adaptation for Circular Economy

In Dec 2019, RTA through it’s higher management directions and supports adopted the Circular Economy principles and practices as one of the first entities in United Arab Emirates. Teamwork has been formed to capture all current practices and promote the implementation over all RTA departments. RTA follows RESOLVE Framework for Circular Economy from Ellen MacArthur foundation to evaluate its practices. RTA has 8 main projects, 240 current applications, 128 future initiatives support Circular Economy Concept.