Circular Economy


Genuine Solutions: On a mission to save planet earth

Genuine Solutions is on a mission to save planet earth, one recycled product at a time. The company finds new uses for mobile phone handsets and accessories by sorting them, cleaning them, testing them, grading them and releasing them in A1 condition for a new life.

Building a circular economy is the entire purpose of the business. Genuine Solutions recovers, reuses and recycles unwanted mobiles and accessories.

We have stopped more than 9,000 tonnes of electronic waste from ending up in landfill by repurposing and recycling more than 2.2 million mobile phones and 25 million accessories since 2005.


Techbuyer: Sustainable IT Solutions

Techbuyer is a global provider of sustainable IT solutions that promotes sustainability through by buying, refurbishing, and selling IT hardware to maximise product lifecycles. This circular economy business model is underpinned by a zero-to-landfill policy and a commitment to always prioritise reuse and repair.

Techbuyer is extensively involved in pioneering research and innovation through in-house projects and collaboration with universities and research bodies. It also has a strong focus on sustainability education, which it promotes through engaging with community events and schools, and it will soon offer IEMA-accredited sustainability training to employees, partners, customers, and other local stakeholders.


Bye Bye Bed & Reborn The Sustainable Manufacturer: Worlds First Sustainable Manufacturer from Components Recovered from End Of Life Mattresses

A staggering 7 million mattresses go to landfill each year in the UK alone! Reborn- The Sustainable Manufacturer have found the worlds first fully Circular & Sustainable Solution for each and every component of an end of life mattress. Changing the Current Linear Culture of Make, Break and Throw Away to a Closed Loop Circular Make, Break & Throw Away.

Our sustainable operation re-manufactures all things new for a number of industry sectors from deconstructed, separated, sanitised and retreated components retrieved from end-of-life mattresses. From insulation to pet beds, campervan cushions to divan beds, garden seat pads to garden planters.


Plastic Energy: Plastic to Plastic Recycling Technology for the Circular Economy

Plastic Energy’s patented and proven chemical recycling technology is transforming the global landscape of plastic waste by converting previously difficult to recycle plastic into recycled oils (called TACOIL) that replace fossil oils in the production of new plastics.

Plastic Energy owns and operates two plants in Almeria and Seville, Spain and we aim to recycle five million tonnes of plastic waste by 2030.