COVID Crisis Champions


ACF Technologies: The people behind the successful distribution of vaccines

ACF Technologies is a global leader in providing advanced appointment scheduling solutions. We played a significant national role in the UK’s fight against Covid, so felt it only right to consider ourselves Covid-19 Crisis Champions.

ACF Technologies collaborated with the NHS and the Department of Health and Social Care (DoHSC) to roll out the appointment scheduling systems for the national COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine programmes. We deployed our software at a huge scale, in record time, in support of one of the largest and fastest appointment scheduling projects in history.


Monash University & IFRC: Together, We are Limitless

Innovation competitions have historically been the go-to activity to source solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. However, such competitions are nearly always configured to produce a very small number of winning  “solutions”. With the range of challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the world’s largest humanitarian network, took a different approach. We launched a global innovation academy that creates a network of youth innovation champions around the world. Today, the academy supports the ongoing development of over 1000 youth volunteers in 72 countries and 333 initiatives have been implemented.


GSK & Save the Children: Fighting COVID-19 through the GSK & Save the Children partnership

GSK and Save the Children have worked in partnership for more than 10-years. Our long-term relationship, trust, and flexibility allowed us to immediately leverage each organisation’s expertise and resources and respond to the pandemic through a £1.5m Covid-19 Fund, including:

– Maintaining and adapting our global-programmes (including in Nigeria, Yemen, Ethiopia), and developing a Covid-response plan for each
– GSK’s supply chain and procurement experts supporting Save the Children to identify, procure, and transport critical health supplies, equipment, and medicine
– GSK employees raising over £168,000 to help provide essential healthcare, food baskets, and cash to families in need