Cross River Partnership

Cross River Partnership is the sponsor of the 2019 Special Judges Award for Innovation. CRP is a public-private partnership that delivers regeneration projects in employability, transport, culture and sustainability.  We work with and on behalf of partners including London boroughs, Business Improvement Districts, landowners and more to ensure that our city works as well as it can do.

Improving air quality

CRP is supporting London to improve its air quality.   Exposure to air pollution can seriously affect our health. Luckily, simple changes to the way people commute and explore the city can lower exposure quite dramatically.  CRP has developed tools such as the Clean Air Route Finder which helps you find a  less polluted route to walk or cycle.  We are also working with business to reduce their emissions for example through improving efficiency of their deliveries and servicing using CRP’s deliverBEST tool.

Local People. Local Jobs.

CRP works with employers to support local unemployed people into work.  Since 2009, we have placed over 1,600 residents into work with flagship retail stores, hotels and restaurants across central London.  Employers receive great benefits from the programme including reduced recruitment costs; supported induction periods; and ready-to-work staff being placed in sustained roles.

Our Click. Collect. Clean Air. video shows one of the steps you can take to help improve London’s air pollution.