Educational Excellence


Global Action Plan & Unilever: Dirt is Good Schools Programme

Charity Global Action Plan has worked in partnership with Unilever on the Dirt is Good Schools Programme since February 2021. The partnership began by publishing ground-breaking new research that explored how to unleash the potential of young people to take positive action and create a better world for all. The partnership has used this insight to inform a programme of work -the Dirt is Good Schools Programme – currently being delivered in the UK, Chile and Thailand. The programme is helping young people take action on the social and environmental issues they care about, improving our world for the better.


The University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute, Association of Women in Mining Africa & World Bank’s EGPS Trust Fund: Delve Exchange: Creating change by miners for miners

Delve Exchange is an innovative, global, peer to peer learning network which aims to improve sustainability outcomes of the small-scale mining sector. In the past 2 years it has connected over 1,000 workers in 71 countries in 6 regional online knowledge exchange groups and through 110 knowledge sharing forums. Six regional knowledge exchange coordinators have helped create new shared knowledge as evidenced in 3000 photos and videos and 200 powerful practice and implementation stories. A notable feature is the keen participation of women miners using the Delve Exchange as a safe place to share major concerns and training topics. Supported by AWiMA, OECD, OACPS, EU, UNDP, and The World Bank’s Extractives Global Programmatic Support Trust Fund.


EY: STEM App: Educational platform bridging the path to careers in STEM

To address the gender gap in STEM the EY STEM App is a free-of-charge mobile platform for girls, aged 13–18. The app, which leverages STEM content from world-renowned institutions, is currently live in 16 English speaking countries with more than 44,000 users. Gamification makes it extremely popular, with more than 98% of girls saying they enjoyed using the app and completing activities. In a pilot of 7,000 girls, participants reported a 35% uplift in their commitment to pursue STEM after leaving school — an achievement recognized by the Nobel Prize Summit, the UN General Compact on Gender Equality and OECD.


Earth Cubs & Ocean Generation: Learn the Ocean

Earth Cubs wants to inspire, educate and entertain children all over the world about Oceans! Working in collaboration with Ocean Generation, Earth Cubs created interactive lessons, activities, videos, and a playable gaming environment. All free – to all schools!

Focussing on the theme of plastic pollution, Earth Cubs created vibrant and fun interactive lessons alongside a Tahiti environment in the Earth Cubs free gaming app.

We launched on World Ocean Day (8 June 2022) and since then have had over 90,000 hotspots played in our Ocean gaming environments and 7,000 lessons viewed in over 90 countries around the world!


Veolia & Watford Borough Council: Environmental Education Program to Empower the Future Generation

Veolia Watford provides free in person environmental education sessions to primary schools in Watford. So far, our program has reached 75% of primary schools in Watford and educated over 11,000 children since 2021. Our team delivers this program with several strategic partnerships to help reach students in disadvantaged areas of the borough. As a direct result of this education, three quarters of these schools have been rebooked which is a testament to the quality and value of the program. Our program prides itself in helping to educate and empower students and helping schools achieve their sustainability strategies.