Education (Small Organisation)


Ultra Education CIC: Youth Entrepreneurship

Ultra Education C.I.C exists to inspire positive and lasting change in the lives of young people who would otherwise suffer from the disadvantage of their starting point. We are focussed on those from minority communities for whom the existing education system does not deliver. Our core values support equality, diversity, and the capacity for human capability to go beyond expectations. Our solution is powerful because young people start to understand the significance of money and to the possibilities and benefits an entrepreneurial life can bring. We engage young people in a guided, safe and responsible way.


Elephants for Africa: EleFun – Environmental Education

EleFun’s ultimate goal is that communities value and benefit from living alongside wildlife. Through engaging young children in their environment, we increase the understanding of the benefits of wildlife and protecting ecosytems for the sustainability of our futures.

EleFun takes a grassroots approach to conservation benefitting both communities and wildlife, ensuring a future where they can live side-by-side. Engaging children in their environment through fun, hands-on-activities inspires innovation and creativity, and develops scientific processes inspiring these conservationists and problem solvers of the future. Showing children their wildlife in their National Parks generates empathy, understanding and pride replacing fear and hatred.


Earth Cubs: Learn the World!

With a mission to inspire all kids to Learn the World, Earth Cubs entertains and inspires 3-7 year olds with fun and engaging environmental and sustainability-focused content.

Awe-inspiring multicultural content is delivered through a personalised app, awesome video content and easy-to-use learning resources.  Play, Watch, Learn.

Earth Cubs is free for everyone and targeted at 3-7 years olds and their parents and teachers.

Our ambition is to have global reach and real impact – by collaborating with amazing organisations like Eco-Schools, Fairtrade International and the Rainforest Trust, we are unifying and amplifying global citizenship education.