Employee Engagement & Wellbeing


Lamington Group: Team Planet

Team Planet is a internal campaign to engage all employees in sustainability. Employees get points for making sustainable choices in their personal lives and at work. These are incentivised through a team financial bonus at the end of the year and an award ceremony. The campaign has a clear mission and consists of monthly events and regular communications which are educational and interactive. The campaign was hugely successful and was a driving force behind opening the world’s first whole life net zero hotel and embedding sustainability in the company’s culture.


Flywire: Employee Well-Being Initiative

Flywire is a fast-growing global fintech/payments company with 13 offices around the world. Employee wellness has always been an integral part of the Flywire culture, but the company’s continued success created challenges including employee burnout and stress. Flywire’s Employee Well-Being initiative provides a comprehensive set of programs and resources focused on six pillars of its employees’ health: emotional, financial, social, environmental, physical, and career. The program is available to all employees in every region around the world in local languages and has the full support and participation of the executive team.