Entry Process & Guidance

Entries for the 2023 Global Good Awards are open from 1st February – 28th April 2023. If you are interested in entering, we recommend that you follow these key steps. You can download our handy Entry Checklist as a reminder of these steps too.

  • Register your interest in entering if you’re not already on our email list. This will ensure you’re kept up to date with any category & deadline information right up until entries close.
  • Check the full 2023 timeline, adding relevant dates to your diary.
  • Check that your activities or programme is eligible.
  • Decide on the category or categories you’d like to enter. Each category has a description and a set of criteria. You can enter more than one category. You can also ask us for the application form questions if you’ve registered your interest and intend to enter. NB: The questions in the application form are NOT the criteria; they are written to assist you in submitting the most relevant information for your activities and follow the criteria requirements.
  • Read the Judges ‘Top Tips’ which we compiled from a series of ‘Ask the Judges’ webinars. Why? Because if you have an amazing story to tell, with impressive impact statistics, this five-minute read COULD make the difference between a win and not even being shortlisted! For a deeper insight, we would also recommend watching our 60 min and watch our ‘Dos and Don’ts of Award Writing’ webinar.
  • From 1st February, you can register on our entry platform, AwardStage .Once entries are open, there will be a short-cut to your login on the Home Page.
  • Begin the entry process within AwardStage by selecting your first category, give your project a title (this can be edited later) and download the PDF of the questions for that category. All applications are completed online, so this is for you to prepare your answers offline before you copy/paste into the online form. You can save your entry as a draft and if you wish, enter another. (NB: Don’t worry – you are NOT charged or committed to your entry at any point in the process until you complete and submit.)
  • Once you’ve completed your application offline, return to complete your entry online. At this stage, you can also download a PDF of the completed application form with all your answers in case you need sign off prior to completion.
  • Plan your payment in advance: If you are unable to pay on company credit card at the end of the application and wish to pay on invoice by online bank transfer, please send us any supplier forms that we need to complete in advance. Leaving this until the deadline day may result in delays.
  • Upon completion of your application, you’ll be asked whether you want to process payment by card or online transfer. Click on the preferred option and the information will be detailed on screen and you’ll also be sent a copy of the invoice for your records. Depending on your purchasing process, a purchase order number may be accepted if you are unable to settle the invoice prior to the entry deadline date. If you require us to complete a supplier form, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid delaying the entry. Contact Karen on 01932 355900 or 07813 718541.

After your entry is submitted, you can expect the following:

  • When it comes to judging, we don’t purely rely on the maths of online scoring. Our panel of judges has a significant amount of experience in all areas of sustainable development, and we match that experience to the best category, to ensure your entry gets the most thorough evaluation possible. When they’ve done their scoring online, they all come together for a day to hammer out the stats and decide who is best, who is close and who are the ‘ones to watch’.
  • Once entries close, tickets will go on sale for our unique ‘Winners’ Showcase: What Does Good Look Like?’ event on 12th October which will be purpose-led content sessions, delivered by our winners (who will be announced in July) and judges/sponsors, specifically designed to support ALL of our entrants on their sustainability journeys. Find out more about this event here. Winners will be presented their prizes on the evening of 12th October in an exclusive dinner and will be joined by judges and sponsors.
  • If your entry is shortlisted, you will be included in the shortlist announcements made first live on social media on 8th June 2023, using any handles you have supplied (unless otherwise stated). This will be following up by email, on the same day, to the email addresses provided with the entry. We will then publicise your entry with the 100-word project summary on the website.
  • The judges will conclude their decisions and award gold, silver, bronze and One-To-Watch prizes as they deem appropriate. It is not a given that a gold will be awarded in every category solely because an entry has scored the highest. Our policy requires entries to meet minimum standards to be shortlisted and eligible for prizes.
  • There will be a virtual ceremony – streamed on YouTube – to announce the winners on 12th July and unlimited tickets for this will be included in your entry.
  • The ‘Winners Showcase’ event will be on 12th October which you will be able to book physical or virtual tickets for. NB: ALL entrants from 2023 or previous years will be welcome to attend and those entering in 2023 will benefit from a discounted rate. There will be between 6-10 purpose-led content sessions delivered to support your organisation’s sustainability journey (topics TBC) including a CSuite ‘Purposeful Leaders’ session. The physical tickets will include breakfast, lunch and drinks reception – for winners it will also include the evening dinner. A more detailed agenda will follow as it develops.
  • Directly after the awards ceremony (or after the shortlist is announced if you don’t make the finals) you will receive a free feedback report on your entry by email (you’ll need your entry login for AwardStage to retrieve it). If you request information about the score given to the winner of your category, you will be supplied with the percentage mark for the benefit of benchmarking.

If you have any questions at any time, please email Karen or call 01932 355900 | 07813 718541