Environmental Behaviour Change


Capgemini: ConnectWell

Travel emissions account for 69% of our environmental footprint. Our ConnectWell campaign brings together virtual collaboration technology with organisational behaviour change to transform how our people connect, collaborate and deliver, while reducing travel. New technology, dedicated collaboration spaces and training are critical.

Business sponsors and a network of passionate, knowledgeable virtual collaboration advocates helped to challenge myths and assumptions.

This programme encompasses both our own UK workforce and client organisations for wider impact. It demonstrates proven eagerness to embrace new technology for environmental good if given the resources and ongoing support needed to make virtual collaboration an everyday occurrence.


Hubbub: Leeds by Example

Leeds By Example is the UK’s largest collaborative campaign to trial new approaches to recycling on-the-go. Hubbub worked with 57 partners to introduce consistent infrastructure, bold, eye-catching communications and new technology to change recycling behaviour, in Leeds City Centre.

It successfully recycled 1.2 million coffee cups, 140 000 good quality cans and 160 000 plastic bottles and increased number of people recycling in the City Centre from 17% to 49%.

It’s legacy is Leeds City Council permanently continuing the scheme, the brand expanding to talk about the climate emergency and the best learnings expanding to Swansea and Edinburgh under #InTheLoop


EarthWatch Europe & HSBC: Sustainability Leadership Programme

Earthwatch’s Sustainability Leadership Programme is a unique model of employee engagement, targeted at creating positive and impactful environmental change within multi-national businesses. Rooted in immersive outdoor learning experiences, the programme has provided 1,876 employees globally from our corporate partner HSBC, with a deeper understanding of sustainability issues.

Through direct contribution to scientific research and local conservation, Earthwatch has supported HSBC employees to both identify individual actions addressing climate issues, and to align their work with HSBC’s sustainability priorities, embedding climate positive behaviours into everyday business at one of the world’s leading banks.