Environmental Behaviour Change


ITV & eBay: Love Island’s pre-loved fashion partnership

Love Island reframed desirable fashion by partnering with eBay to spotlight pre-loved clothing. The campaign brought second hand fashion into the mainstream, helping inspire sustainable shopping choices among a huge audience.

By activating across every possible touchpoint, including in-show product placement, social media/ digital activations, auctioning the Islander’s outfits and eBay homepage take-overs, the pioneering partnership inspired millions to move towards pre-loved fashion, with 3.1 million people more likely to shop sustainably as a direct result of watching the show.


NatWest Group: Sustainable Futures Network

At NatWest Group, we represent the Sustainable Futures Network – an employee-led network whose ambition is to Connect and Educate colleagues around sustainability issues, and Spark the creation of new ideas to drive towards the goal of Net Zero.

Through 2023, we focused on driving environmental behaviour change both with our members, and more broadly outside of the network. We did this through a combination of education and training to our 60,000 colleagues; 8 events including talks and a climate hackathon, and a Sustainability Champions programme with hundreds of participants.


Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Fundation: Environmental Protection Action of Tzu Chi, the Social Influence from Environmental Care to Social Care

This is a social movement for environmental protection that has been going on for more than 30 years. Tzu Chi has been working with about 110,000 people in 21 countries around the world from waste sorting and weight reduction to circular economy. Starting from Tzu Chi in Taiwan, we combined environmental protection and technology with partners and invested in charity to benefit all beings.