What do the judges look for in a winning entry?

You can download a HANDY GUIDE TO TOP TIPS about entering here. This was created from a six-part series of webinars to ask the judges what they look for in a winning entry and also what they often see that would mark an entry down.

This webinar about the Dos & Don’ts of Award Writing is also worth watching, if you’re serious about putting in a strong entry!

If you feel like you’d benefit from a little more support, we also offer 1-2-1 award entry consultation sessions; these are completely bespoke and confidential, to discuss your specific projects and activities. Find out more here.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry fees vary. In order to be fairer for all sizes of organisations, there are five tiers based on the company’s global number of employees.

We also offer a 20% discount to registered charities and 20% Early Bird Discount.

Go to our Fees, Inclusions and Discounts page.

Who can enter?

Our awards programme is open to all organisations of any kind anywhere around the world… companies large and small, charities, not-for-profits, social enterprises, NGOs, membership and accreditation organisations and government departments including local and county councils. We are all about rewarding sustainability practice – in all its forms. So if your organisation is making a difference, directly or indirectly to people and planet, with purpose-driven sustainability and social impact at its core, demonstrating a commitment to change… you’re eligible!

It’s even easier for global organisations to enter following the move to a hybrid programme from 2022. In 2023 we will move to a free virtual ceremony, followed by a purpose-led ‘Winners’ Showcase’ event in London, showcasing ‘What GOOD looks like’. Virtual guests will be able to attend and interact with the many insight sessions throughout the day.

Why should we register our interest?

Registering your interest by emailing us some basic details doesn’t commit you to entering. It allows us to contact you with any ‘entry relevant’ information that you would not otherwise find out. No money is taken until you complete and submit your entry.

Find out more on our Register Interest Page.

What is the deadline for applications?

Our full programme timeline can be found here.

Our activities or project doesn't quite fit the description and criteria. Can we still enter?

Our category descriptions and criteria have been written to guide entrants on what content should be detailed in their entries. However, we do not expect square pegs to fit in round holes… Some of your business activities or dedicated programmes might not fit entirely with any one specific category. In these cases, the descriptions and criteria are open to an element of interpretation and rest assured that our judges will still take into account entries that are strongly aligned with the overall context of the category.

If you have any concerns about the suitability of your entry, or would like to discuss your activities in more detail, we are here to help. Give Karen a call on 07813 718541 or email her.

Can we enter more than one category?

Yes, you can enter as many categories as you like. If you plan to enter more than three, please contact us for a discount code.

Can we enter the same activity into more than one category?

Yes, you can, but please bear in mind that even if the activity or project is shortlisted in two or more categories, it can only be a winner in one.

Can we submit multiple entries into the same category?

Yes, you can, but please bear in mind that your entries will be up against each other!

We don’t have a UK registered office. Can we still enter?

Yes, we are a global awards programme with a hybrid ceremony, so any organisation from any country can enter… we just attract the majority of our entries from the U.K. as we are based here.

How accurately do we need to stick to the specified word count?

The word count is set to ensure that the judges are comparing like-for-like entries and that they dedicate approximately the same time to each. We allow for variation of 10% either way, but we also take into consideration the amount of supporting documentation there is to read. If none is supplied, then we can be more lenient with the word count.

What supporting documents should we submit?

Supporting documents, photos and videos are optional but should include anything that directly ‘supports’ the content in your application form and not a selection of unrelated documents. For example:

  • If you did a charity bike ride that raised £10k, there might be a photo of the group at the end.
  • If you have worked with an accreditation agency to reduce your carbon footprint, show the documentation or certification to prove it.
  • A word doc (saved as PDF) with links to some of your articles and press coverage you received.
  • Testimonials from clients/employees, statements from any official organisation or case studies from those that have benefited from your activities.

These are just a small selection of ideas… we would recommend that you read through your application and ask yourself ‘How can I prove that?’ and then source the supporting documents to do so.

Our activity or project is overseas, can we still enter?

Yes, many of our entrants have an impact overseas even if they are based in the U.K. Entrants can be based anywhere in the world, and their activities can be localised to that country, national or global.

Can I discuss a potential entry with someone confidentially to ensure we’ve selected the appropriate category?

Yes, you can contact Karen Sutton by emailing her or calling her on 01932 355900 | 07813 718541. We may have to make contact with a judge for their opinion too – in which case, it may take a few days to come back to you.

Our project or activity has only been running for a year. Can we still enter?

Yes, you can; but please bear in mind that reporting on measurable impact is a key element of the judging criteria. From 2019, we have introduced ‘Best Start-Up’ and ‘Best Innovation’ categories which may be more suitable for your activities.

Our judges may, at their discretion, award a ‘One-To-Watch’ recognition to entries that are A: under two years old, B: don’t have the measurable impact at this stage but C: are a potential future award winner.

We’ve not heard of Global Good Awards before. How do we know you are credible?

We have been running since 2015 and have very high ethical, transparent and sustainable standards. In 2018 we were accredited with the first ever GOLD standard ‘‘Awards Trust Mark’ by The Independent Awards Standards Council. We have a strong professional Judging Panel (many of which have been with us for 5+ years), Sponsors and Partners who share our ethical standards, and lots of testimonials from our previous winners.


Who are the Judges?

Our Judges are all professionals in their field and are carefully selected based on their individual experience in sectors relevant to our award categories.

See who our judges are.

Do we need to come before a panel of judges during the application process?

No. All the work that you need to do is for the online entry. After that, it is down to the Judges to decide upon the winners.

How does the Judging Process work?

When it comes to judging, we don’t purely rely on the maths of online scoring. Our panel of judges has a significant amount of experience in all areas of sustainable development and we match that experience to the best category, to ensure your entry gets the most thorough evaluation possible. When they’ve done their scoring online, they all come together for a day to hammer out the stats and decide who is best, who is close and who are the ‘ones to watch’.

You can also read our article on Building and Driving a kick-a*$e Judging Panel!

What prizes are available to be won?

The default prizes for every category are GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE but judges may award more than one of each, or none at all. In 2022, we introduced strict new thresholds by which our judges will award future Global Good Awards. They have always been strict and don’t stand for any greenwashing, but we now have an official new policy: we will no longer reward gold to an individual or organisation solely because they have scored the highest in their category. Our new policy will require entries to meet minimum standards to be shortlisted and eligible for prizes.

If a particular entry has impressed the judges and meets the following criteria, they may award a ‘One-To-Watch’ recognition. The criteria are:

A: The project or activity must have been running for under two years,

B: The entrant does not yet have the measurable impact at this stage but…

C: the judges believe they are a potential future award winner.

Why are all of your judges UK based if you are a global awards?

This is mainly for logistical and environmental reasons although some are based overseas. Although the judges evaluate the entries online, they all come together for one day to decide upon the winners. Depending on their location, this can be done virtually as we discourage international travel. Our judges are of multiple nationalities with a wealth of experience of working all around the world.


When will we hear if our application is successful?

All finalists are notified within 24hrs of the Judging Day, however, the first announcement will be made live on Twitter on Judging Day (unless you have requested otherwise).

The winners are announced at the Award Ceremony.

See the Timeline for the dates.

What do we get if we win?

You can read the full list of the Benefits of Entering here, which includes what you get if you win.


What is the date and time of the event?

Keep an eye on the timeline for dates.

Do we need to attend if we are finalists?

Attendance is not compulsory. However it is very strongly encouraged!

We also ensure we complete the official proceedings of the event within a timeframe that doesn’t force you to stay at hotels. We do all we can to keep your costs down.

If you do not attend but win Gold all we ask is that you cover any delivery costs. Attending guests will receive framed certificates for Silver, Bronze and One-To-Watch. If you do not attend, these will be made available digitally.

Keep up to date with Fees, Inclusions & Discounts.

Can we still attend if we aren’t a finalist?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it as it is a great opportunity for you to learn about the winning entries to support your future progress.

What is your ticket cancellation policy?

Cancellations are accepted until 3 weeks before the event and will be fully refunded. Cancellations for bookings received after that date will not be refunded unless, in the unlikely event, that the event is cancelled by the Global Good Awards.