GDPR – Our Privacy Policy

The Global Good Awards (controlled by Global Good Communications Limited) take your privacy seriously and will only collect and use your personal information to provide you with the products and services you have requested from us.

These include:

  • information about our award entry process. (those that have registered their interest to receive specific information about entering their organisation by emailing us will also receive separate emails from us).
  • Newsletters with sustainability and social impact related news.

Data collected from Entrants

Data received from those expressing their interest to enter is stored securely within Dropbox, using a password protected Excel document. These separate subscribers receive direct emails from the Global Good Awards only and will always contain an opt-out by-line within the email signature.

We will only process your personal information to facilitate your entry and send direct communicates to you relating to the entry process. Entrant data is protected under the entry platform software – AwardStage.

We will require your data to process your submission, communicate with you about the awards event, share the application questionnaire with the judges (all personal contact data will be hidden) and then further communicate with you via our newsletters unless you opt-out.

At no time, are direct emails sent using the To or CC fields.

At no time do we share email addresses with anyone not using them for our own purposes; neither do we introduce people on email without both party’s prior consent.

Data collected from newsletter sign-up

Data from the contacts that have signed up to receive our newsletter will be stored within the platform Campaign Monitor.

We will send you newsletters containing relevant news and updates relative to the industry sector only. Subscribers can opt-out at any time by unsubscribing at the footer of any email.

If you’re happy to receive our updates and exciting developments in the Global Good community then you can opt-in here >>