2019 Event Photos…

High res images of the event can now be downloaded here.

You are free to download and publish the images free of charge for your own social media / press requirements, but please DO NOT remove the photographers / GGA watermark, unless you add the same content as a caption.

You can also download various widgets and winner roundals here. These are password protected, but you can request the password by emailing Karen – karen@GlobalGoodAwards.co.uk

2019 Ceremony Videos…

The 2019 ceremony video and the full recording of our speaker will appear below.

For the winners reaction videos, these will be uploaded by mid July, on our YouTube Channel

2019 ceremony & reactions

Dame Inga Beale - keynote speech


Here’s just a few of the testimonials we’ve received following our 2019 event!

Once again, I wanted to say how amazing it is to see the Awards stepping up another gear every year. The whole thing has such a professional polish to it now, it feels like we are genuinely firing on all cylinders as a team, there is an engaged and activated audience, and there is some amazing work being done. So a HUGE cheer to you for all your hard work in growing the Awards from its humble beginnings into the sleek transport of sustainable delight it is now – it is brilliant work!

Ed Gillespie, ceremony host

Thank you for creating such a positive, creative and wonderful awards! It really was inspiring and thank you on behalf of everyone at Alive & Kicking.

Eddie Taylor, founder, Alive & Kicking

The Global Good Awards event structure was spot on, as was the venue. Nothing was missed in the effort to make it truly sustainable event, which deserves real credit.

Personally we didn’t dream that we could win in this new arena and were really happy to be finalists.  Sometimes size and money means you can do more and that often wins the day, but these awards have proven that the judges were taking scale into consideration and more importantly looking for sustainability that runs throughout the whole business. To be able to access judges feedback and scores is such a great idea – amazing. Well done to Karen and the team for achieving something really special that night.

Adam Huttly – Founder, Red-Inc

I have never been involved in an event that has been so professionally run, with such a level of personal commitment from the Founder AND with every minute detail considered. It was so apparent that these awards have been conceptualised and run with passion and heart!

Technically, brilliantly organised with the added bonus of judges feedback is invaluable. I cannot praise you highly enough. I believe these awards will just grow and grow!!!

Thank you again – enjoy the praise! Justly deserved and I wish you and your team the highest accolades moving forward!

Helen Lord – Co-founder, Used Kitchen Exchange

The whole application process was very well-done and polished on your site, so I knew the final event would be, too. Your choice of speaker in Inga Beale was excellent, and the catering was superb – ‘chapeau’ to CH&CO! I have to say your Walkers Crisps outfit was inspirational! There were so many fantastic organizations involved – it great to highlight them all. Well done on a flawless evening – and thank you.

Steve Finn & Tom Mansell, Leanpath

Thank you on behalf of UKWSL for shortlisting our submission with Marston’s at the recent awards.  Whilst we didn’t win, the team very much enjoyed the event and the opportunity to network.  Also, thank you for providing the judges feedback and scores.  This is the first time we have had any valuable feedback from any business running these types of awards.  We are taking the feedback on board and considering how we can push on further in future. 

Dave Gudgeon, Head of Account Management, UKWSL

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