Global Good SME of the Year Award

Category Description

This award is aimed any established, purpose-driven small to medium sized business of less than 250 employees, which is operating as a responsible business that is credible, results driven, addresses your core business function and reinforces your commitment to the key principles of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) impacts.

The award is for the small business which has developed multiple aspects of its sustainability and social impact initiatives and will be judged primarily on activities and progress in 2019-21 although activities before and those ongoing will be taken into account if significant development has been achieved within the 2019-21 time frame.

The award will be presented to the responsible business able to demonstrate both breadth and depth of activities and impacts across ESG fields but not necessarily all of them. Judges will be looking for evidence of impacts and outcomes, and will be keen for the applicant to make reference to the potentially limited resources available within a small business, in order to achieve them. Judges will also be looking for a clear and compelling narrative pertaining to the purpose and long-term goals of the business.

Applications should include information about the relevant following organisational activities, positive/negative impacts and reductions, which should be clearly outlined with a dated baseline where necessary. Judges will be taking into consideration input v impact based on company size:-

E (Environmental): carbon emissions and the organisation’s plans for reaching GHG targets that are in line with goals of the Paris Agreement; use of energy resources and transition to renewables; the management of waste, air or water pollution and hazardous materials; deforestation and biodiversity practices internally and through the supply chain.

S (Social): fair pay and benefits for employees; employee engagement, training and retention; diversity and inclusion; human rights conditions for all those within the supply chain; the impact on the local communities in which the organisation operates in; health and safety; data protection.

G (Governance): The internal system of practices, controls, and procedures to provide and manage:- financial and accounting transparency with fair tax policies; sustainable investing; fair executive pay; bribery and corruption; compliance with law and regulatory bodies; political lobbying and donations; board diversity; data breaches; integrated ESG risks and opportunities; material issues impacting stakeholders.

We request a total word count of approx. 2500 words (excl. supporting docs).


Judges will be looking for evidence of the following points within the supplied application form (weighting percentages in brackets):

  1. How the company embeds principles of environmental stewardship, positive social impact and sound governance within their core purpose and practices, stewarded at every level of the business. (30%)
  2. The measurement of impact on employee well-being (learning, development, diversity & inclusion, skilled volunteering and behaviour change) and the wider positive impact on the local community through their social impact, pro-bono charity support and donations; (20%)
  3. The measurement and reduction of the organisation’s carbon footprint, waste management and overall positive impact on the environment; (20%)
  4. How the company is engaging and encouraging the participation of partners, supporters and stakeholders and leading the way in their industry sector by encouraging cross sector collaborations to achieve faster action or sharing best practice and democratising sustainability. (15%)
  5. How the company is raising awareness of the environmental and social benefits of their positive change by engaging and encouraging the participation of suppliers, customers, end-users and other stakeholders. (15%)

Any confidential data will be treated as such and only shared with the judging panel.

Are we eligible to enter?

Our awards programme is open to all organisations of any kind… companies large and small, charities, not-for-profits, social enterprises, NGOs, membership and accreditation organisations and government departments including local and county councils. We are all about rewarding sustainability practice – in all its forms. So if your organisation is making a difference, directly or indirectly to people and planet, you’re eligible.

We don’t just recognise businesses that are operating responsibly, or supporting / partnering with worthwhile causes. We also actively encourage entries from organisations that have been specifically set up or adapted to offer a product or service that tackles a social or environmental problem.

Our category descriptions and criteria have been written to guide entrants on what content should be detailed in their entries. However, we do not expect square pegs to fit in round holes… Some of your business activities or dedicated programmes might not fit entirely with any one specific category. In these cases, the descriptions and criteria are open to an element of interpretation and rest assured that our judges will still take into account entries that are strongly aligned with the overall context of the category.

If you have any concerns about the suitability of your entry, or would like to discuss your activities in more detail, we are here to help. Give Karen a call on 07813 718541 or email us.