Goods for Good

Goods For Good is a growing, UK registered charity that delivers overstocked goods donated by British industry and the local community to refugees and vulnerable communities around the world. We have delivered to 20 countries, including Moldova, Ukraine, Iraq and South Sudan in the last year. Our Founder and CEO, Rosalind Bluestone, founded the charity four years ago, and we have been a registered charity since 2016. Working with over 85 companies including Nike, Next, Uniqlo and Hunter Boots, we have saved over £15.5 million worth of humanitarian aid from being sent to landfill, distributing it to those in desperate need. Our charity partners on the ground distribute the aid swiftly and efficiently to those need.

Why companies choose to donate:

There are 4 major reasons companies choose to donate:

  1. We guarantee brand protection. All goods donated to Goods For Good are exported to ensure you won’t be selling against yourself. While we work in the UK, the goods we distribute locally are second hand goods donated by the local community.
  2. We help you hit your zero waste targets. Donated items are prevented from going to landfill or being incinerated, and will find a home with millions of vulnerable people around the world.
  3. You will be eligible for tax benefits. We provide you with the required paperwork so you can claim your import duties, and write off any costs associated with the donated goods.
  4. Your goods will be a lifeline for those we support overseas.

Take a look at our video to see how your goods can make a difference…