Individual Leader of the Year


Trewin Restorick – Founder & CEO, Hubub

Trewin Restorick is the Founder and CEO of Hubbub, a charity and social enterprise that inspires ways of living that are good for the environment. Taking the step from a long-established and relatively secure job to create a new start-up was a huge risk but something that Trewin felt was necessary to revolutionise how we talk to the public about environmental issues. From day one, Trewin has put his heart and soul into Hubbub, and under his leadership it has grown to a thriving organisation that has delivered more than 60 trailblazing environmental campaigns in partnership with over 700 partners.


Richard Walker – Managing Director, Iceland Foods

Richard Walker’s personal commitment to change the status quo, based on the dual imperatives of climate and social justice, has harnessed the power of 25,000 colleagues and built collaborative partnerships with campaigners and suppliers to lead bold campaigns with global significance. Iceland’s commitment to remove plastic packaging from its own label range has been widely credited as the turning point in driving industry-wide action on this issue, while the removal of palm oil ingredients from the Iceland own label range massively increased public awareness of the issue of tropical deforestation, and pressurised the industry to deliver commitments to end this.


Rachel Barber-Mack – Director, Media Smart

Media Smart is the advertising industry’s flagship education non-profit with a mission to ensure that every child in the UK, aged 7 to 16, can confidently navigate the media they consume including being able to identify, interpret and critically evaluate all forms of advertising. The programme provides free teaching resources and parent & guardian guides on subjects like social media, digital advertising, body image and influencer marketing which are delivered in the classroom, assembly, youth club or at home.  Ultimately, Media Smart builds media and digital literacy in young people, resulting in greater emotional resilience and wellbeing.