Product of the Year


Delphis Eco: Retail Range

Delphis Eco is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and was the first in its sector to achieve DEFRA (EU EcoLabel) accreditation for the largest, certified range. Proudly holding two Royal Warrants for product quality and service excellence, in 2019 Delphis Eco also became a BCorp. Delphis Eco’s pursuit of a truly sustainable supply chain makes it unique amongst competitors. By putting sustainability at the heart of every decision, the environmental footprint of Delphis Eco is kept to an absolute minimum – with a positive knock-on effect on related sectors and households.


Garçon Wines: Innovators of the eco, flat wine bottle

Garçon Wines are the inventors of eco, flat wine bottles made of 100% pre-existing, recycled PET that are modelled on the traditional wine bottle shapes but are remarkably more cost-effective, eco-friendly, and consumer pleasing for delivery, retailing, and the supply chain. Garçon Wines’ award-winning bottles enable game-changing, complementary transit packaging that amplify the bottle benefits, improving convenience and functionality for consumers and offering an unbeatable opportunity to slash carbon emissions and business costs from the supply chain of wine to create a healthier planet, wealthier industry and happier consumers – a benchmark of triple bottom line, scalable sustainability.


The Beeswax Wrap Co.: Beeswax wraps

We began making beeswax wraps in 2017 as part of our own personal mission to cutdown on our reliance on single use plastics, from our tiny kitchen we have now grown to a team of 15 and have recently moved into our new solar powered workshop. We are very proud to be B Corp certified and are on a mission to be a truly positive influence on our local and global community.

We hand make every beeswax wrap using local UK beeswax, organic GOTS certified cotton, organic jojoba oil and natural pine resin.


Choose Water: The Biodegradable Paper Bottle

CHOOSE has developed a completely biodegradable paper bottle that can replace traditional PET bottles. The bottle is made from natural, sustainable and renewable materials including recycled newspapers. It is able to transcend industries and works for many different of products. CHOOSE launched its first product in January 2020, with the world’s first biodegradable washing up liquid. This acted as a stepping stone to prove the technology works as a commercial alternative to plastics. They are working with some of the largest brands in the world to bring paper bottles to shelves across the globe as fast as possible.