Product of the Year


Artisanne: Alibaba Signature Collection

Artisanne is an award-winning sustainable homeware brand. Fair Trade certified, we work directly with over 85 weavers, having started with 3 – with no middlemen involved whatsoever.  This helps to ensure that the women earn a regular, fair and secure income for their creations. and gives them access to an international market that they would not otherwise be able to reach.

The Artisanne Alibaba Signature collection is a beautiful blend of traditional Senegalese weaving techniques, passed down from mother to daughter, and modern designs which combine to create household storage that’s timeless, highly distinctive and designed for longevity.


Polestar: Redefining premium electric performance with Polestar 2

At Polestar, being electric is not enough. We want to accelerate the shift to green mobility by using innovation and design-driven sustainability. Polestar 2 charts this course with an interior consisting of recycled plastics and wood, featuring WeaveTech a 100 % vegan, future-proof upholstery as its standard. The most innovative aspect on Polestar 2, though, is that it is the first car that uses a blockchain solution to trace the cobalt used in the battery to either the mine or the recycling plant.


Switch Packaging Designs Pulp Tray

Switch packaging offered their consultancy and technical packaging expertise to design a unique and completely renewable, biodegradable and compostable tray for a well-established kitchen company. This new tray design is made from recycled waste-based pulp and is used to protect the company’s kitchen doors during transit. This pulp tray not only removed a huge amount of polystyrene from the environment, but was also more efficient in its size, scale and manufacturing process than the previous design. This saved the client money in warehouse storage and reduced emissions emitted during transportation, improved their brand image and prevented damages to their products.


TCi (GB): ECO360® Carbon Zero Desk

ECO360® carbon zero desk provides a plastic-free, fully recyclable solution for semi-permanent office setups where quick disposal at the end of a project or contract is required. It has been adopted by many forward-thinking, sustainability-led construction contractors throughout the UK and creates an aesthetically pleasing, inspiring workplace for staff and contractors. Constructed entirely from cardboard, it is the only commercial product of its type on the market, fully tested and designed for modern office use.


FabRap: FabRap Gift Wrap

FabRap creates exclusively designed and contemporary reusable fabric gift wrapping. Inspired by Indian textiles and the traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki, these gift wraps combine timeless elegance, sustainability and ease of use.

FabRaps are ethically made from premium quality 100% certified organic cotton carefully curated to ensure it is soft yet durable. Zero waste and multi-purpose, these gift wraps can be handed from recipient to recipient for years to come to delight and enhance the act of giving while looking after our planet’s resources at the same time. They offer the very best alternative to throw-away single use wrapping paper.