Product of the Year


Lightfoot: Saving lives, saving money, saving the planet

Lightfoot’s advanced driver coaching technology has made a tangible difference to several of the UK’s largest fleets, providing drivers with real-time, in-cab feedback alongside incentivisation and rewards via a dedicated app. As drivers adopt a safer, smoother driving style, harmful emissions including CO2 and NOx are significantly reduced, helping businesses to develop cleaner, greener fleets through positive reinforcement that empowers their workforce.


Sherwin-Williams: valPure® V70 coating technology

Can coatings are critical to the overall quality and integrity of cans, preventing bacterial contamination, extending shelf life and reducing food spoilage and waste. However, there has been recent debate regarding of the use of certain materials in traditional can coatings. To develop an innovative solution, Sherwin-Williams embarked on a 10-year R&D process, championing a Safety by Design methodology, modelled on preclinical pharmaceutical safety evaluations. The safety and sustainability of the proposed chemical components were tested by toxicologists, independent laboratories, scientists and NGOs. As a result, Sherwin-Williams created valPure V70, the world’s only non-BPA epoxy coating technology that can be applied to steel and aluminium cans across the food, household and personal care industries.


Niagara: Niagara Shadow® 0.8 GPF: The world’s most powerful, high-efficiency toilet

Toilets account for 30% of water usage in homes. Niagara’s Shadow 0.8 GPF uses Niagara’s patented vacuum-assist Stealth Technology®, which redesigned the flush using an innovative design that uses an air transfer tube to create suction that pulls waste down the trapway. Stealth Technology has won many awards including several EPA WaterSense® awards for powerful performance, minimal maintenance, and water conservation. To date, Stealth Technology has saved the world over one billion gallons of water. Shadow 0.8 GPF with Stealth Technology is the best solution for those who want a sleek design, powerful performance, and maximum water-efficiency.


Switch Packaging: Versatile, intelligent and completely sustainable packaging

For a new product launch, the client was looking for sustainable and high-end packaging. Using sugarcane pulp, Switch created a versatile and intelligent packaging design which could be used across various products to reduce waste, cost and environmental impact. This packaging design positively impacted the client’s brand image and gave them an advantage over their competitors, who were still using polystyrene packaging. With electronic equipment packaging contributing to over 6% of plastic demands across different sectors, the potential for this type of packaging design to rolled out across other electronic manufacturers is huge to help reduce our plastic pollution.