Best Product of the Year


Mr Bug: Insect Protein Farm: Creating a sustainable protein source to feed the future

Mr Bug is a pioneering Devon bug farm breeding sustainable, nutrient-dense mealworms in the rural SW. In its 1st incarnation the top grade insect protein will be creating the last word in discerning dog treats (Mr Bug Bites) but ultimately the focus will be to introduce consumer based products to the market such as insect protein power bars & shakes.

To provide a little background context it’s worth noting that the world’s population is expected to exceed 9bn by 2050, creating a global protein shortage by 2025, as traditional farming with its poor eco-friendly/sustainable track record comes up short.


Environment Bank: Habitat Banks are leading the way in helping our planet recover from biodiversity loss

Environment Bank restores biodiversity across hundreds of hectares of land through its pioneering Habitat Bank product. This has created a significant improvement in biodiversity, additional income stream for landowners, farmers and enabled developers to prove a 10% uplift in nature – a legal requirement in the government’s 25-year Environment Plan that Environment Bank lobbied hard for to ensure it became law in 2021.

Environment Bank’s disruptive model has secured a c£220m investment for a nationwide rollout, seen enquiries soar and it’s set to establish over 2,500 hectares of Habitat Banks by the end of 2024 – helping to save nature.


Carbon Gold: Organic Biochar – Saving the planet, one garden at a time

Created for all, from garden designers to novices, Carbon Gold’s Biochar Soil Improver is a soil additive that promotes root development, improves soil structure and sequesters carbon into the soil, helping in the fight against climate change.

It’s a perfect medium for anyone wanting resilient and productive flowers, plants, trees, fruits and vegetables by increasing organic matter in the soil.

Soil Association approved, Soil Improver is organic British-made Biochar, with natural biology, including worm castings, mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed, that delivers scientifically proven results.

For every kg of Biochar Soil Improver, 2.7 kg’s of CO2 is sequestered underground.


Brevel: Revolutionizing the alternative protein market with microalgae

Brevel is actively working to solve the biggest nutrition challenges that exist today. The company is achieving this by providing truly sustainable microalgae protein that is tasty, and available for the first time at an affordable cost for the food industry. Brevel uses non-GMO microalgae grown in a unique breakthrough technology: the first globally to combine sugar-based fermentation of microalgae with a high concentration of light at industrial scales. Due to the high nutritional values and sustainable production in the mid and long terms, Brevel is aiming to become the #1 choice for plant-based protein worldwide.