Registering your Interest

The Global Good Awards celebrate excellence in purpose-driven sustainability: sustainability with ethics and a soul! They are designed to encourage everyone – business, non-profits, NGOs, government bodies and individuals – to be living examples of leadership in tackling today’s social and environmental challenges. Our winners inspire others to follow their example, so spreading the very best practice around their sector and around the world. Find out who the 2023 winners were here!

Entrants for Canon Young Champion, should register here.

If you’d like to register your interest, just provide the following information.

If you are interested in entering your organisation, there are many benefits to registering with us in advance. To put your mind at rest, there are no fees to be paid for registering or even starting an application. Entry fees are only charged when you submit.

  • You’ll be among the first to receive category information and programme timeline.
  • If any part of the description or criteria for a category is amended, you’ll be notified by email.
  • You can request a word document of the application questions in advance.
  • You’ll be sent timely, but not too frequent, reminders about the opening and closing dates.
  • You will have a direct point of contact with phone, mobile and email that you can contact at any time.
  • Early registration will give you the opportunity to recommend an additional category. This will be suggested to the list of those registered, and, if there is enough interest, may be added.


The award gives credibility to our purpose-led mission and has helped to raise our profile and reach new customers. It’s also helped to keep our existing customers excited about us as a business. The on-going supportive relationship with the Global Good Awards has been fantastic and completely unique amongst the awards companies we’ve experienced.

Louisa Ziane, Chief Brand Officer, Toast Ale