The world’s first zero waste printer…

Over the last 19 years Seacourt has forged a path from being the same as every other printer to becoming one of the world’s leading environmental printers. We were the very first ‘zero waste-to-landfill’ printing company and have had the pleasure of being a recipient of not one, but two Queen’s Awards.  To add to this we are now a pioneer of the next generation of print technology – LightTouch®.


A family-owned company celebrating our 70th anniversary this year, the environmental journey began in 1996 when then Chairman, Jim Dinnage, discovered that the print industry was the sixth worst polluting in the world. Climate change was already a growing threat yet he found technology existed that could help us make a positive difference. This led to a complete change in thinking and a turn-around in strategy with a new waterless lithographic printing process being adopted.


Since then we’ve continually strived towards best practice in environmental sustainability and have passed milestone after milestone on our journey. In 1997 we went waterless (the ultimate environmental print process), in 1999 we were the second printing company worldwide to attain EMAS certification, in 2001 we became carbon neutral, in 2003 we switched to 100% renewable energy, in 2009 we achieved zero waste to landfill and in 2015, having developed LightTouch® we became the first (and currently only) printer in the world to use waterless LED-UV printing technology.


During this time we have won many awards for our environmental best practice including two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Sustainable Development in 2007 and 2011.


Service and quality of course go hand in hand with our environmental focus. Our aims for our clients are to exceed their expectations of quality and service, to act as an Enabler of Change, and to make a positive difference that goes beyond our factory and into our clients own supply chains.

Introducing LightTouch™…

Seacourt puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We have pioneered waterless printing since 1997 and are one of only a handful of companies to offer this process. We have continually pushed the boundaries of responsible printing and LightTouch™ is our greatest breakthrough to date.