The new name for Project Dirt

Semble, previously known as Project Dirt, was set up to support and inspire community action. We help small and local community projects get the support they deserve by encouraging people to ‘Come together, make a change’.

Community groups make a huge impact on the communities they work in, but their opportunities to connect with businesses and the resources they need is limited. Semble runs a range of inspiring campaigns that support people and businesses to take local action in their communities. Community projects use the platform to share their story, celebrate successes and find the resources they need to grow their impact.

You can see examples of some of the movement building, volunteering and funding campaigns we run by visiting the Semble Campaigns page including Backyard Nature, Outdoor Classroom Day, Wellcome Community Action Week, Your Pint Can Help the Community and others.

Momentum is building… end of year 2018

Your Pint Can Help the Community 2018