Special Judges Award for Innovation


Steel Warriors: Knives for good

Steel Warriors melt down knives taken off the streets and recycle the steel into free outdoor street gyms. The charity use street workout to transform the lives of young people affected by crime, violence and social exclusion, giving them the skills and confidence they need to create positive futures. Steel Warriors currently have four gyms in London, that act as free community hubs and they are looking to scale nationwide.


Samsung UK, Iris London, B+A London, FutureLearn: Samsung Not a School

Traditional education struggles to keep up with the pace of technological change. Samsung had a chance to support and prepare young people for a future driven by innovation.

Not a School brought the UK’s 18–25-year-olds together online to learn in a new way, not by teaching expected ‘tech skills’ but through unconventional experts sharing learned experience in free, live and pre-recorded sessions. Students collaborated to solve social issues from climate change to online bullying via innovative thinking and creativity.

Over 20,000 have enrolled to date. In 2020 there was 927 days’ worth of e-learning, in just four months.


Fair Labor Association: Living Wage for All

The Fair Labor Association believes that factories and farms should be safe places to work, and that each worker has the right to earn a living wage. The FLA’s Wage Data Collection Toolkit and Fair Compensation Dashboard helps companies in the garment sector use technology to take action towards this goal.  These tools calculate what workers are earning, illustrate the gap between actual and living wages, and measure progress over time.  Businesses are using these innovative tools to improve worker wages and quality of life; and the FLA has seen aggregate wages increase amongst members using the tools.