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Purpose Summit speaker – and sponsor of the ‘Game Changing Innovation of the Year’ category.

We’re helping the UK to Net Zero – and beyond: Join an award- winning water partner to boost efficiency, resilience and results

We’ve helped hundreds of sites, at organisations large and small, manage their water more easily, efficiently and effectively, saving on energy and cutting carbon emissions, where less water needs to be moved or used – and where less hot water’s been used too. So, get in touch today so we can show how we can help your business too.

Water Plus is the UK’s largest water retailer – and work with businesses and other sites has led to 9 Green Apple Environment Awards, a Global Gold Award for Water Management in the Green World Awards 2023, a 2023 UK Customer Satisfaction Award – and an innovation award for customer experience in 2023. They also have a Silver EcoVadis rating.

Partner with the water experts, with years of experience, at Water Plus: contact hello@water-plus.co.uk .

We’ll help you to tap into the potential in water, and strengthen your position in supply chains, by making the most of the water your business uses. Plus, we’re a water retailer trusted by multi-sites and other businesses, including manufacturers taking more steps for sustainability. And we’ve helped more than 40 sites see a 34.6% water saving in 2023.

More about our team – and see how you can cut carbon emissions by looking more at your water use – below.

We’ve an experienced technical water services team that provide advice and support around water efficiency to improve how sites operate – and cutting water waste through work that includes data loggers and an online portal. It’s all helping with Net Zero.

And we work with businesses – from supermarkets, manufacturers and national chains – to corner shops and hairdressers, public sector sites, including universities – and other organisations, across England and Scotland. We also joined the Purpose Summit in 2023, to help more organisations turn intent into action with water, to deliver wider results.

Hear from just some of the organisations we’ve worked with on the benefits they’ve seen with their water and utilities here – and get in touch via email, to partner with our team.

Action we’re taking

To reduce impacts on the environment we can all have, we’re supporting renewable energy production with solar, wind and water – along with projects supporting biodiversity, peatland restoration in Scotland – and boosting green canopies in the UK.

Our partnerships, amongst other results, have seen a rugby club cut its water use by 36% at peak times, by boosting efficiency. Organisations engaging with their water more, by tracking use more closely during each year, have also seen other benefits including saving energy and helping budgeting. **

Along with working with our employees and suppliers to raise awareness around reducing impacts on the environment, we’re trialling units that create drinking water from air at our main office site, where most of our staff are located and which also has its electricity powered by 100% renewable energy.

With a market performance (MPS) for meter reading-related activity in the top four of all water retailers*, we’ve won two National Sustainability Awards in October 2022, including one for Water Reduction, and four Green Apple Environment Awards in November 2022, for our work with organisations, after winning one in 2021.

More about the action we’re taking to reduce impacts on the environment can also be found here.

We’ve a wealth of knowledge, experience and customer insight to share – from our offices in Stoke-on-Trent and Glasgow – and from our staff working across England and Scotland.

To partner with a water retailer trusted by large multi-sites – and others – email: hello@water-plus.co.uk

*as of April 2022 to March 2023, of 11 water retailers, in industry data. **based on survey with 65 customers in February 2022 and survey of 78 customers in February and March 2023.

Saving water can save you energy too… Watch the video below to find out how and click on the graphic to see how carbon emissions are linked to water in the UK.

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