Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a unique approach to our sponsors and partners, ensuring they maximise their opportunities and become active participants in the awards programme in return for supporting the us. We think carefully before inviting a company to work with us as a sponsor – they must be able to demonstrate their purpose-driven sustainability and good governance, as they will be sharing the limelight with ‘Global Good’ not only on the event days but throughout our whole communications cycle.

For 2023, we’ll also be turning the tradition of award ceremonies upside-down to deliver a much more inclusive and purpose-led event. Find out how, here.

Sponsorship Packages

If your organisation is interested in participating, there are both financial and non-financial sponsorship opportunities available; all give your brand the opportunity to showcase your own sustainability activities and initiatives. Sponsoring organisations have significant opportunities for event branding and high-profile marketing before, during and after the event; however the opportunities are not limited to the event itself and where possible we can incorporate your services into the design and delivery of the awards throughout the annual cycle.

We have outlined some of the sponsorship opportunities in the invitation below but we are also very open to tailored packages to to ensure your desired message receives the full leverage of the Awards. If your organisation is interested in participating in any way, we are always open to innovative suggestions, so please contact Karen by emailing her or calling 01932 355900.

Click the image below to download our 2023 sponsor invitation…

Listen to what some of the 2022 sponsors and judges thought…

The Ethical Question of Sponsorship

Where should a company be, along their sustainability journey, before they should be considered as a sponsor of a sustainability awards programme, or for any sponsored event that gives the company public exposure for that matter? At the Global Good Awards, we’ve clarified our position on a burning question… The Ethical Question of Sponsorship