Start-up Enterprise of the Year


Ocean Tee: Bringing sustainability to the forefront of the golf industry

Small changes make a big difference, which is why Ed Sandison created a bamboo golf tee.  This alternative to traditional plastic golf tees has made a mighty impression on the golf world with leading organisations as well as players moving away from plastic tees.  Ed’s ambition, however, was not to sell golf tees, but to create conversations and collaborations that bring sustainability to the forefront of the industry. OCEANTEE is a platform that showcases pioneering sustainable businesses and enables its charity partners communicate with huge, international, audiences.  The range now includes 4 types of tees and a sustainable clothing line.


Ocean Hero, Plastic Bank, Waste Free Oceans, Trash Waste Solutions: Save the oceans by surfing the web

OceanHero is a new way to engage people in the fight against ocean pollution. We are a search engine just like Google; however, we help recover one ocean-bound plastic bottle for every five searches.

We are working with our partners Plastic Bank, Waste Free Oceans to make this possible. Furthermore, we are building a micro recycling plant in Manado, Indonesia, to enable local communities to deal with their plastic waste directly instead of shipping it to larger cities or landfilling it. Our partner, Trash Waste Solutions, executes this initiative together with a local waste bank.


Steel Warriors: Knives for good

Steel Warriors melt down knives taken off the streets and recycle the steel into free outdoor street gyms. The charity use street workout to transform the lives of young people affected by crime, violence and social exclusion, giving them the skills and confidence they need to create positive futures. Steel Warriors currently have four gyms in London, that act as free community hubs and they are looking to scale nationwide.


Haines Collection: Reducing Waste in the Interiors Industry

The Haines Collection provides a solution to the environmental challenges facing the Interiors industry today.

We are a pioneering platform for the resale of unwanted designer textiles, wallpaper, lights and accessories that would otherwise be discarded and potentially end up in landfill. We are enabling interior businesses to make small but positive changes to help reduce the negative impact that they have on the planet.