Best Start-up Enterprise of the Year


Y.O.U Underwear: Changing the world one pair of pants at a time

Y.O.U underwear makes soft, stylish, organic cotton underwear for men and women and girls that lets you look good, feel good and do good. Our mission is to improve access to education for women and girls by donating underwear through our buy-one-give-two promise. Our underwear is Fairtrade, PETA-approved vegan and made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and we work with one of India’s leading ethical and sustainable manufacturers. We’re the UK’s Top B Corp, and are the top fashion B Corp globally, proving our commitment to people and the planet.


Rowdy Kind: Making bath time sustainable

Rowdy Kind is the world’s first plastic free body care for kids’ sensitive skin. They take everything you’d expect in a high-quality bottle of kids’ body wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser, without the environmental footprint. To date, Rowdy Kind have saved over 30k bottles from landfill and helped over 3000 families go plastic free at bath time. They are manufactured by a social enterprise in the UK, and they have supported four charities during their first two years.


Wiltshire Digital Drive: #DonateYourDigital

What started out as a Covid-19 initiative to help the local community has become a growing project that continues to shine the spotlight on the digital divide and close the gap by providing support to those most affected. During the 2020 lockdown, it became apparent that children and adults from struggling backgrounds were being isolated from society. Many children were missing out on their education due to a lack of technology and adults who relied on local support groups were now completely alone, we couldn’t sit and watch our community fall apart, so we did something about it!