Best Start-up Enterprise

GOLD: Used Kitchen Exchange

TITLE: Kitchens that don’t cost the Earth

About Kitchens that don’t cost the Earth

A market disruptor; UKE delivers an innovative, ethical solution for pre-owned kitchens and is influencing procurement policy within the kitchen industry. Working at the top of waste hierarchy, UKE actively promotes the sale and reuse of pre-owned kitchens, preventing waste and reducing a new kitchen’s eco-footprint. UKE brings affordable, pre-owned kitchens to market for ethically motivated and cost-conscious buyers with measurable social value.

With their 1500th kitchen being sold in 2019 the equivalent of 1800 tons of landfill has been prevented with a carbon saving of 9,000 tonnes, supporting the UN SDG goals 12 & 13, Paris Accord and DEFRA.

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