When you start to plan your next event, will social and environmental sustainability be on the meeting agenda?
  • How much thought will you give to your venue selection?
  • Where will the food and drink be sourced?
  • How much plastic waste will it generate?
  • Do you know how responsible or ethical your suppliers are? Do they match your ethos?
  • Are you an event venue which is trying to offer a more sustainable event package to your clients?
  • Is there potential for your event to have a positive impact on the local community?
  • And last but not least, what impression will it give to your delegates in an age that is so much more attuned to the issues of environmental impact?

If you’re not sure whether you can answer some or all of these questions, then we can help!


With eight years’ experience in running an awards programme that rewards sustainable best practice – and with an awards ceremony that hosts 200+ sustainability experts as guests – we’ve put together a comprehensive guide, ‘How to Run Sustainable Events – 17 Top Sustainability Hacks’, giving you the fundamentals of running a sustainable event; both from a social and environmental perspective. Covering everything from food and drink to venues, and from delegate travel to ‘goodie’ bags, we share ideas and suggest what to look for when making decisions, and how to communicate those decisions with your target audience.

And we’re giving away the first three hacks for free!

Simply fill in the form below and receive the first three hacks..

Then, if you like what you see – and we’re sure you will – we can send you the complete document for just £99 + VAT. It includes greater detail about every area of consideration for your event, examples of how to get it right (and how you can avoid getting it wrong!) as well as the opportunity for us to recommend lots of suppliers to help you make your event truly sustainable. You’ll be getting our ‘little black book’ and the knowledge of five years’ track record of running sustainable events. You’ll even receive FREE updates as and when we expand the document!

All monies made from downloads will be pumped back into the running of the Global Good Awards; which is independent and reliant on funds from sponsors and entrants to continue its good work.

Having learnt the fundamentals, you can access further help and advice, bespoke to your organisation, through our consultancy services, which range from a one-off conference call or a single day of instruction through to an ongoing ‘hand-holding’ service which can take you through the entire timeline of the event, right up to the event day itself!

For further information, contact our founder, Karen Sutton on 07813 718541 or email her.


The Global Good Awards event structure was spot on, as was the venue. Nothing was missed in the effort to make it truly sustainable event, which deserves real credit. Well done to Karen and the team for achieving something really special that night.

Adam Huttly – Founder, Red-Inc

I have never been involved in an event that has been so professionally run, with such a level of personal commitment from the Founder AND with every minute detail considered. It was so apparent that these awards have been conceptualised and run with passion and heart!

Helen Lord – Co-founder, Used Kitchen Exchange