Technology for Good


VEON: Liza Alert Initiative – Saving lives with technology

Each year, more than 120,000 people are lost in Russia – a vast country with harsh weather conditions and, often, a lack of resources. Beeline Russia’s technical expertise and communications infrastructure powers Liza Alert, a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding missing individuals. Beeline helped develop and deploy a cross-carrier SMS-based portal and hotline, and mobile app, to manage and coordinate the volunteer network. Beeline also helped develop an AI-based, 5G-powered image recognition system to process thousands of drone images in real time. Supported by our partnership, Liza Alert has become one of the biggest volunteer movements in all of Russia.


Cross River Partnership, UPS & UK Power Networks: Smart Electric Urban Logistics

Smart Electric Urban Logistics, in partnership with UPS and UK Power Networks with support from Innovate UK, is an initiative to improve air quality in London by developing new charging technology that overcomes the challenge of simultaneously recharging an entire fleet of electric vehicles without the need for an upgrade to the power supply grid. The smart charging system is a first of its kind, incorporating onsite energy storage and active network management. 20 diesel trucks were converted to fully electric models, and a timed connection assessment tool was also developed by the electricity network operator.


The Good Exchange: Funding and Fundraising Platform that Transforms the Charitable Funding Sector

The Good Exchange is a not-for-profit, charity-owned, online platform representing the future of the third sector. Technology that automatically matches local and national projects to grant makers’ specific funding criteria and goals; facilitates strategic thinking and drives funder collaboration. Its single application process cuts charities’ administration overheads, to ‘reverse crowdfund’ resulting in optimum fundraising with measurable impact.

The Good Exchange aims to drive innovation and change in the charitable sector just as companies such as GoCompare and Spotify did for the insurance and music industries – a win-win for all parties.