Technology for Good


Octopus Energy: Re-imagining an entire industry to build a greener future for ALL

We launched to make a green dent on the universe, offering cheaper energy and better service than ever before. Unleashing tech to drive innovation hand-in-hand with social gain is delivering outstanding positive impact: helping 2.2m customers cut costs and emissions (£160m and 7,000,000+ tonnes of CO2 saved annually), supporting 100+ renewables generators to keep energy and profits local, creating 1000s of jobs and helping other providers become leaner and greener for their customers through expanding licensing partnerships (incl. EON/nPower and Australia’s Origin Energy) – putting us on course for  100m customers on our Kraken platform by 2027.


Stymie: Say something with Stymie

It takes courage to say something or to ask for help.

Stymie is a digital, confidential messaging service that empowers young people experiencing harm & bystanders with options to confidentially take action.

Stymie is focused on awareness, early intervention & prevention.

The Stymie webapp currently operates in schools, delivering encrypted, anonymous notifications from students to authorised recipients including uploaded evidence.

Issues raised include family violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, depression, illegal activity, harassment, self-harm, & harm to communities.

Notifications can be sent 24/7 and are triaged by schools, within their wellbeing & child protection policies.

Our purpose is to enhance psychological safety to empower communities everywhere with the self belief that you can speak up. With approximately 100 000 senior schools worldwide, our vision is to have Stymie in schools everywhere.


Ocean Hero, Plastic Bank, Waste Free Oceans, Trash Waste Solutions: Save the oceans by surfing the web

OceanHero is a new way to engage people in the fight against ocean pollution. We are a search engine just like Google; however, we help recover one ocean-bound plastic bottle for every five searches.

We are working with our partners Plastic Bank, Waste Free Oceans to make this possible. Furthermore, we are building a micro recycling plant in Manado, Indonesia, to enable local communities to deal with their plastic waste directly instead of shipping it to larger cities or landfilling it. Our partner, Trash Waste Solutions, executes this initiative together with a local waste bank.


Fair Labor Association: Living Wage for All

The Fair Labor Association believes that factories and farms should be safe places to work, and that each worker has the right to earn a living wage. The FLA’s Wage Data Collection Toolkit and Fair Compensation Dashboard helps companies in the garment sector use technology to take action towards this goal.  These tools calculate what workers are earning, illustrate the gap between actual and living wages, and measure progress over time.  Businesses are using these innovative tools to improve worker wages and quality of life; and the FLA has seen aggregate wages increase amongst members using the tools.


I am me: Not-for-profit mental health initiative

i am me educates, enables and empowers young people to be proactive in supporting their own mental health through our free app and focuses more on a preventative approach to mental ill health.

After two year’s of research with young people, teachers, and mental health specialists, the app was created with the simple aim of providing a free, easily accessible way of connecting with and supporting young people to learn more about how they can best support themselves with the tools, capabilities and know-how to thrive in today’s world.

The app is a positive space on any young persons phone.