Technology for Good


Dayrize: Climate-tech providing environmental and impact transparency for consumer goods

Dayrize’s award-winning and patent-pending technology is a game-changer in the race to tackle climate-change. By using the latest technology and sustainable science to rapidly assess the environmental and social impact of consumer products, Dayrize brings a level of transparency to both business and consumers not previously available due to the complexity of assessing impact at a product level. Having already signed over 500 brands, Dayrize is well-positioned to bring wholesale change to the way businesses understand impact, and how consumers shop for products.


EY: EY STEM App — inspiring the next generation of girls in STEM

Through the EY Ripples program, EY people are devoting their time to SDG-focused projects, bringing together combined skills, knowledge and experience of the global EY network in pursuit of one shared vision: to positively impact one billion lives by 2030. In line with EY’s commitment, the EY STEM App is an innovative gamified mobile platform for girls aged 13-18 that aims to identify, inspire and empower the next generation of girls in STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, to create a more equal future. The program was successfully piloted for 7000+ girls across New Delhi, Seattle and Atlanta and is now being scaled globally for 100,000 girls by June 2022.


SOURCE Global & One2One Foundation: California Water Project

For the thousands of Central Valley residents who can’t safely drink water from their tap due to worsening drought conditions and high levels of contaminants, a community program funded by non-profits provided residents with free solar water panels that create clean, safe drinking water delivered directly to their taps. SOURCE Global uses innovative solar-powered Hydropanel technology to capture pure water molecules from the air and convert them into healthy drinking water, independent of electric or piped water infrastructure and virtually anywhere in the world.