Why should you enter the Global Good Awards?

Reasons why it’s GOOD to enter the Global Good Awards…

  • We support the work of CoolEarth in several ways throughout the year by donating:- 1% of all turnover from sponsorship, entry fees and ticket sales, a £5 or £10 donation per paying entry to protect a tree or plant an Inga Bean and finally, we help to protect rainforest canopies via their carbon capture projects to match the emissions from our event that we aren’t able to remove.
  • The GGA is the only sustainability award programme in the world to hold the Awards Trust Mark. An accreditation that recognises trust between those entering awards schemes, and the organisations running them.
  • Your entries will only be evaluated by judges with many years of experience in the category sector you’ve entered. Our judges are only invited onto our panel if they’ve got previous judging experience and over 50% of our panel have been with us since 2017; returning every year.
  • We have a large number of judges, and give them a limited number of entries (in the main, one category each) meaning that they have more time per entry to evaluate and offer feedback.
  • ALL entries receive bespoke feedback, direct from our panel of judges. This feedback is not just scores… many of our judges give comprehensive written feedback and suggestions, which many entrants have used to progress and improve their activities – some have even commented that it’s like getting a free consultancy session!
  • There’s the value of an entry’s benchmarking aspect because the application process can often force you to look at your business from a different perspective and compare yourself to your competitors.
  • All finalists receive a certificate authenticating their hard work; as well as a graphic to use on their visual communications – all free of charge.
  • We do not charge for using our logo, result graphics or event photos – they are, and always will be, free of charge.
  • You would be associating your organisation with a truly sustainable awards programme which ‘walks the talk’ with its entrants. Find out more here.
  • All entrants will receive free access to the virtual award ceremony in July, and discounted tickets to our unique ‘awards first’ event on 12th October, replacing the traditional ceremony, making it more inclusive and purposeful for all. Find out more here.
  • You will get to hear ‘What GOOD looks like’ at the event – with winners and judges being joined by industry experts in round table discussions, supporting you and your organisations with real implementable take away actions. This event will be a far cry from the normal ‘panel sessions’!
  • These unique awards celebrate hard work and success and are great PR opportunities. We share news of our winners through global media channels, targeting country, region and industry sector of the winning entrants.


The other business benefits to entering – and winning – the Global Good Awards are numerous:

  • Gold winners will receive one free ‘speaker ticket’ to our ‘Winners’ Showcase’ event in October, with multiple opportunities throughout the day to showcase their winning activities.
  • Gold winners receive a unique piece of wall art, specifically designed and hand-made for the Global Good Awards using offcuts of glass and reclaimed wood;
  • Gold winners will be given an appointment time for a video interview on 12th October at the event. A winners’ montage promo video will be created and shared free of charge; but winners can pay an additional fee for an exclusive cut if they wish.
  • Gold winners will be featured in an exclusive GGA article in the publication, Positive News in the edition following the winners announcements. They will also be included in industry and location specific media releases, managed by our PR team and Platinum sponsors, Barley Communications.
  • A full page on our website is published, with links, for each set of category winners along with the 100 word description of their winning activities. This will remain on the site indefinitely (not just until the following cycle launches)
  • A win, short-listing or nomination can act as a 3rd party endorsement for your business and can impress your clients; proving that you are a forward thinking organisation in a challenging climate.
  • And then there’s employee motivation. Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.
  • And with millennials setting great store about the kind of company they want to work for these days, a Global Good Award win, nomination or short-listing can help you attract talent. Who doesn’t want to work for a winning organisation?

Hear about what some of our winners say about us on our YouTube channel or read some of our testimonials.


Rewarding for action, not aims and targets!

In 2022, we introduced strict new thresholds by which our judges will award future Global Good Awards. They have always been strict and don’t stand for any greenwashing, but we now have an official new policy: we will no longer reward gold to an individual or organisation solely because they have scored the highest in their category. Our new policy will require entries to meet minimum standards to be shortlisted and eligible for prizes.

You can hear more about the GGA from sponsors, judges and contributors of the 2022 event, by watching the video below…