The Good Hotel

Opened just a few weeks ago, Good Hotel London is located in the Royal Victoria Dock, just next to The Crystal.

With a unique mission to provide ‘Premium Hospitality with a Cause’, the hotel has recently been awarded a REBEL business award for greatest innovation in the hotel industry. In addition to the ‘profit-for-non-profit’ business model, the hotel is offering Good Training programs, which offers long-term unemployed a unique hospitality training and a chance to re-integrate into the economy. After successfully completing the training, trainees get on-the-job training and a full-time salary at Good Hotel, after which they are mediated towards a permanent job in the hospitality industry.

Good Hotel London is rooted in the local community.  Ingredients, materials and labour are sourced locally and the hotel works solely with partners offering a healthy work environment and fair salaries to their employees.

Good Hotel also collaborates with local charities, help them grow their businesses and offer them a platform for further development.

Additionally, whenever you book directly with the hotel, GBP 5 of your room, per night, goes directly to the education of children living in poverty in Antigua de Guatemala.

Good Hotel is a profit for non-profit, which means all profits are re-invested. In education, local communities and the stimulation of entrepreneurship.

A social business; getting the best out of people…