Ukraine Crisis Champions


Bupa & LUX MED: Bupa Group and LUX MED humanitarian and medical aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

When war broke out in Ukraine, LUX MED, Bupa’s private healthcare business in Poland, was swift to act. Within 24 hours, all of LUX MED’s healthcare facilities across Poland were providing refugees with both emergency and ongoing medical care – all free of charge. Since February 2022, LUX MED has provided 360,000 separate health interventions to 201,000 refugees and employed 240 healthcare workers. Bupa Group and LUX MED are committed to providing free medical support to Ukrainian refugees for as long as needed and will continue to support Ukrainian medical professionals into working careers across Poland and the Bupa network.


Alight: Alight Guides: Supporting Displaced Ukrainian Families

Alight is a global humanitarian organization that works with more than 4 million displaced people in over 20 countries. Over the past year, Alight has supported those displaced by the war in Ukraine through our Alight Guides program. While traditional humanitarian relief offers a one-size-fits-all approach to emergency response, Alight Guides provides a human-centered response to crisis. Based on the insight that displaced people need guides to support their entire journey, Alight Guides connect families to housing, employment, sponsorship and other services. Alight Guides provide assistance, but also offer hope and kindness as families navigate their new reality.


EPAM Systems Inc: EPAM Employees Respond as One in Ukraine

EPAM began our ESG program as part of our mission to advocate for our employees and the world at large. While still dealing with COVID, the Ukraine war tested our resolve and that of our employees in ways we never imagined. At the beginning of the war EPAM had 16,000 employees in the region. Within a week, we’d begun moving our employees, their families and even those of other tech companies and our customers to safer areas. Our employees continually give their time, money, and energy to support their peers and Ukraine and have shown no signs of slowing down.