Waste Reduction & Minimalisation

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DPD: DPD’s Waste Reduction

DPD is the UK’s no.1 parcel carrier with the UK’s largest electric vehicle fleet. We now deliver over 350 million parcels a year. Across the business, we now recycle 70% of all waste, with zero to landfill.

We are proud to link our waste strategy with social change. The Eco Fund is funded by our circular economy initiative to protect the environment. The plastic shrink wrap we use in our operation is broken down, and recycled to create new plastic shrink wrap. In 2020 we donated £200,000 across 140 organisations.

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Ian Snow: Ian Snow’s Take on Waste

Most of Ian Snow products are created from materials which have been used before. One-off pieces that burst with character without having a major impact on the planet. We specialize in pieces from post-consumer waste, remanufactured into totally new pieces. We run a factory here in Devon and operate a fabric collection scheme where our customers send old clothes in exchange for vouchers. We use the clothes to make new clothes from, nothing is wasted. We also have a large vintage range which contains rare and unique pieces sourced from artisan partners across the world. Every aspect of the supply chain is considered and made use of, so nothing goes to waste.


SOS Kit Aid & World Rugby: SOS Kit Aid

SOS Kit Aid is a UK registered charity supported by World Rugby and run by rugby mad volunteers – no paid employees. In 20 years we have recycled/delivered over £6 million pounds worth of rugby kit to 44 disadvantaged rugby nations. Enough quality recycled rugby kit for over a quarter of a million disadvantaged youngsters to play rugby all around the world. Every year UK youngsters grow out of their kit and we estimate over £1 million pounds worth of kit is thrown away needlessly into scarce UK landfill sites. SOS collects from UK rugby clubs, schools and kit manufacturers. By recycling we have saved over 1500 tonnes of Co2 – because there is no need to manufacture new kit. The tried and tested SOS blueprint model could so easily be converted to other products/roles – rugby coaches/referees. other sports, other textiles, electrical equipment, cameras, phones, bikes etc. The IOC has placed the SOS blueprint on their website.


Redrow Homes: Reduce the Rubble

As part of its continual drive to reduce waste, Redrow launched its ‘Reduce the Rubble’ initiative in 2020. The project tracked all waste produced during construction of a standard four-bedroom detached ‘Oxford’ house type across three sites and looked at how this could be reduced in future during procurement, design and construction. Redrow is the first national housebuilder to undertake a waste project of this calibre at this scale and actions taken as a direct result of the initiative will help the housebuilder towards meeting its target of diverting all waste from landfill by 2022.