Waste Reduction & Minimisation


KPMG: Becoming a Zero-Waste Business

KPMG are committed to becoming a zero-waste business – eliminating all avoidable waste from our operations by 2030. We’ve made good progress in reducing the amount of waste we produce, removing over 8 million items of single-use plastic across our estate, reducing our paper consumption by 74% and overall waste by 24% in the past three years. By investing in circular solutions and focusing on reuse we have created co-benefits for our communities too – with our surplus food creating more than 7,000 meals and schools and charities across the UK benefiting from our refurbished technology.


Sal’s Shoes – Finding New Feet

Children tend to outgrow their shoes before they outwear them, and shoes are relatively difficult to recycle. In 2013, CJ Bowry founded the charity Sal’s Shoes, named after her son, when she sent off his first few pairs of preloved shoes to find a new owner. Almost 10 years on, the charity has now distributed almost 5,000,000 pairs of donated shoes to almost 5,000,000 children in need. Sal’s Shoes have found their new feet in 59 countries around the world, thanks to their network of referral partners supporting families experiencing hardship, including other charities, community organisations, schools and refuges.


Used Kitchen Exchange: Powering Sustainability within Home Interiors

A market disruptor; UKE delivers an innovative, ethical solution for pre-owned and ex-display fitted furniture including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms etc and is influencing procurement policy within the Interiors marketplace. Actively promoting the sale and re-use of pre-installed goods, with forecasted obtainable annual savings of 138K tonnes of landfill, 180K tonnes of CO2 and 80 thousand trees. UKE brings affordable, pre-owned goods to market for ethically motivated and cost-conscious buyers with measurable Social Value and supporting UN SDG goals 12/13, Paris Accord and DEFRA.