Global Good SME of the Year


Follow Your Heart: Sustainability initiatives to make the world more compassionate & delicious

At Follow Your Heart, we are dedicated to finding new ways to improve our sustainability by focusing daily on decreasing our impact on the world. Earth Island, our facility where we produce Follow Your Heart products, is the hub of these efforts and we have an entire department focused on advancing our sustainability initiatives, including the elimination of waste, using alternate sources of energy, choosing responsible ingredients and packaging, and community involvement.


Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and was the first in its sector to achieve DEFRA (EU EcoLabel) accreditation for the largest, certified range. Proudly holding two Royal Warrants for product quality and service excellence, in 2019 Delphis Eco also became a B-Corp.

Delphis Eco’s pursuit of a truly sustainable supply chain makes it unique amongst competitors. By putting sustainability at the heart of every decision, the environmental footprint of Delphis Eco is kept to an absolute minimum – with a positive knock-on effect on related sectors too.


Business Design Centre: An Unparalleled Experience

BDC is a leading London event space and home to over 100 companies. The family run business puts people at the heart of its strategy for delivering its objectives, with a culture of empowerment and innovation embodied in its values. BDC has long supported philanthropic activities, community projects, environmental initiatives and a strong commitment to health and wellbeing, all of which contribute to sustainable development. This continues to play a key part of the company objectives and day-to-day operations of the business; the importance of which is vital in establishing and protecting a better future for all.